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DeadlySix Zeena.png
First seen: Sonic Lost World (2013)
Species: Zeti
Gender: Female
Age: 120Media:SonicLostWorld_Zeena_Profile.jpg[1]
Height: 136cm (4'5")Media:SonicLostWorld_Zeena_Profile.jpg[1]
Weight: 38kg (83.8lbs)Media:SonicLostWorld_Zeena_Profile.jpg[1]

Zeena (ジーナ Jīna) is one of the primary antagonists of Sonic Lost World and the only female member of the Deadly Six. She sports a feminine build, green skin, long hair and a single pink horn.

Personality and Traits

Zeena is a feisty and cold-hearted woman who utterly lacks initiative. Being selfish and indifferent, she seems to not care about anyone else and prefers to spend her free time looking after and treating herself despite the issues at hand, not very likely willing to look after anyone else. Despite this, she can be persuaded to get the job done by complimenting her attributes, which is what Zavok does to get her to fight Sonic. She is shown to be a very vain individual, as she frequently takes care of her beauty (especially her nail art), and easily becomes infuriated if it gets ruined. She is also very fashion-savvy, and will not hesitate to criticize others for their fashion sense. Despite her apparent flirtatiousness and lady-like composure, she has a terrifying temper and is not afraid to show it.

She's just as malicious and violent as the other Zeti, as she enjoys inflicting pain on others and even taunting Sonic over Tails' roboticization for her amusement, and has no problem with causing global genocide for her own gain. She is also rather vengeful, as she wanted to punish Sonic severely for insulting her.

Zeena doesn't look like it, but she is strong enough to swing metal balls larger than herself at astonishing speeds, and can even use green electrical whips to use in combat. Like all Zeti, Zeena has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, allowing her to control electronics, which she does to Eggman's Badniks.

Sonic Lost World boss battles

First Battle (Wii U/PC)

  • Frozen Factory
  • Nightmare Zone
SLW Zeena Snowball Fight.png
SLW Zeena Boss Nightmare Zone.png
Game: Sonic Lost World (Wii U/PC)
Level: Frozen Factory Zone 2
Hits to defeat: 3

Sonic's first encounter with Zeena is on a snow-covered planetoid at the end of Frozen Factory Zone 2. Due to the nature of the Zone, Sonic will be in snowball form during the battle, meaning the player must rely on the limited movement options available to beat Zeena.

Zeena will bury herself in the snow and summon large snowmen out of the ground, which will not actually attack Sonic, but they need to be destroyed before the player can attack Zeena. To do this, the player simply has to ram into the snowmen to destroy them. If they don't take out all the snowmen fast enough, they will sink back down and force the player to repeat the process. When all of the snowmen are destroyed, Zeena will pop out of the last one and begin running away, and at this point the player needs to Spin Dash into her to cause damage.

The battle will repeat the process two more times, with more snowmen popping up for the player to destroy. However, snowmen with bombs on their heads will start appearing. While not harmful, hitting such snowmen by mistake will cause all the snowmen to reset, wasting precious time. Once Zeena has been hit two more times, the battle ends, allowing Sonic to break free of the snowball and clear the Zone.

This battle is repeated in Nightmare Zone, with Zeena's snowmen being replaced by the second-level Nightmaren Clawz and his mouse fireworks. In this fight, Sonic is not in snowball form, and he must get rid of all of the mouse fireworks on the planetoid using the Homing Attack, then attack Clawz.

Second Battle (Wii U/PC)

SLW Zeena Boss Frozen Factory 4.png
Game: Sonic Lost World (Wii U/PC)
Level: Frozen Factory Zone 4
Hits to defeat: 6

The second battle with Zeena at the end of Frozen Factory Zone 4 is set on a planetoid that's completely covered in ice, making it harder for the player to get a foothold during the battle. Zeena chooses to fight Sonic directly, using a large snowman head like a mace and swinging it around wildly in an attempt to smash him. This attack starts out slow, but it will pick up speed and become harder to dodge. The player must also keep their distance as much as possible, as Zeena will slowly move towards Sonic while she is spinning.

Zeena is vulnerable to attack at all times during the fight, but it's recommended to get hits in before she spins too fast and make it harder to hit her. After three hits, Zeena will become furious and bring in a second snowman head to swing with the first, with electrical chains going around the whole planetoid. Touching these energy chains will hurt Sonic, but they can be jumped over. Hitting Zeena three more times will force her to retreat.

Final Battle (Wii U/PC)

SLW Zeena Boss Lava Mountain 3.png
Game: Sonic Lost World (Wii U/PC)
Level: Lava Mountain Zone 3

Zeena fights Sonic one last time at the end of the first tier of Lava Mountain Zone 3, with her fight taking place on a see-saw surrounded by a pool of lava. Her only attack is to jump across to the raised side of the see-saw and stomp it, catapulting Sonic into the spikes above. To avoid being catapulted, the player must jump right before she lands. Hit her with Homing Attacks a few times and she'll be felled, disappearing in a puff of smoke.

3DS version

Game: Sonic Lost World (3DS)
Level: Frozen Factory

In the 3DS version, Zeena is encountered at the end of Frozen Factory where she sits atop a giant snowman in the corner of a blizzard-filled arena. Over the course of the battle, wind will be blowing against Sonic, pushing him away from Zeena, though he can run against it to reach her. It won't be easy, as smaller snowmen will swarm the arena and try to run into Sonic to cause damage. Upon reaching the snowman, the player must use a Homing Attack on the blue circle three times to rescue an Ivory Wisp, allowing the player to use Ivory Lightning to climb up to Zeena and inflict massive damage on her, eventually defeating her. If the Color Power runs out, the player can get another Ivory Wisp by attacking the snowman again.

This battle is repeated in Lava Mountain Zone 2, preceding the battle with Zor. In this rematch, Zeena has more health and her attacks are harder to avoid.

Other appearances

Zeena appeared during the storyline of the "Zazz Raid" event in Sonic Runners, where Zazz comes to her and Zor for advice. However, she chooses to disregard Zazz's request and simply tease him. She also believes Zor doesn't know a thing about beauty.

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