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Super Mecha Sonic
Super Mecha Sonic
Game: Sonic & Knuckles
Level: Sky Sanctuary Zone
Hits to defeat: 8
Fought by: Knuckles

Super Mecha Sonic is the final boss of Knuckles' story in Sonic & Knuckles, with the echidna's last fight taking place in Sky Sanctuary Zone. After Knuckles has defeated Mecha Sonic in his normal form, the spiky blue robot jumps onto the Master Emerald, transforming into a faster, stronger, gold-er form.


Unlike Mecha Sonic, Super Mecha Sonic has the ability to fly. The main attack is 3 large energy balls that are fired from Super Mecha Sonic's chest. Super Mecha Sonic can also do a Spin Attack while in the air, which is directed at Knuckles, and charges down at him. Each time Super Mecha Sonic does the 3-sphere attack, it drains his power, and he will briefly revert to Mecha Sonic before recharging via the Master Emerald to transform again. It is only in these brief periods of normality that the boss is vulnerable to damage. When Mecha Sonic returns to its normal form, it can still defend itself by using a Spin Attack along the ground towards the Master Emerald.

Once he has 2 or less hits left, Super Mecha Sonic will change tactic, simply hovering and firing out a circle of what look like chunkier Rings - although these are damaging. Mecha Sonic loses a bit of power after shooting every other circle or rings, causing him to become normal again and start to come back down, giving you a chance to hit - but the player must be very quick, as Mecha Sonic will return to Super form within a second (he won't even land).

Eight hits destroys the robot entirely; rather than being left sparking but still-in-one-piece, as occurs when Sonic defeats him, Mecha Sonic explodes into itty-bitty pieces after Knuckles' final hit, taking the remains of Sky Sanctuary with it.

Because of the timeline of the Sonic & Knuckles story, Super Mecha Sonic is technically the last chronological boss of S3&K.

Unusual transformation

Mecha Sonic's super-powered transformation is unusual from a continuity perspective for several reasons:

  • The robot uses the Master Emerald to transform; the Chaos Emeralds are nowhere in sight. This means it is not a Super transformation in the traditional sense, and might even be considered to represent another class of power-up entirely (aside from Super / Hyper / Burning etc) seeing that Mecha Sonic turns goldish-orange as opposed to yellow/gold.
  • No other character would be shown as able to power up from the Master Emerald (although there is some ambiguity regarding Super Ix in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood) until 2010, where Knuckles transformed with the Emerald in SaSASR as his All-Star move; although this only gives the Guardian a green aura.
  • No other robot has ever been shown as able to achieve a golden, glowing Super or Super-like transformation by any means. Gemerl's final boss form in Sonic Advance 3's Nonaggression is perhaps the closest analogue - a Chaos Emerald-powered metamorphosis into a souped-up mechanical behemoth. This, however, could possibly be considered a Perfect form, seeing how both Chaos and Dark Gaia became gigantic beasts in their Perfect forms.


During the battle, there is a glitch where Mecha Sonic will fly off the screen and never come back on screen, thus causing the battle to be incompleteable. The only way to get around this glitch is resetting the game or waiting for time to run out, causing Knuckles to lose a life, but restarting the level.


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