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DeadlySix Zor.png
First seen: Sonic Lost World (2013)
Species: Zeti
Gender: Male
Age: 112Media:SonicLostWorld_Zor_Profile.jpg[1]
Height: 80cm (2'7")Media:SonicLostWorld_Zor_Profile.jpg[1]
Weight: 14kg (30.9lbs)Media:SonicLostWorld_Zor_Profile.jpg[1]

Zor (ゾア Zoa) is one of the primary antagonists of Sonic Lost World and a member of the Deadly Six. Sporting a slouching white body with purple hair and cyan horns, this diminutive Zeti is the group's spy.

Personality and Traits

Zor is a being who's one with the shadows, both physically and mentally. He believes that everything is pointless in the cosmic scheme of things and has given up on hope, happiness and life, making him a constantly depressed individual to the point of nihilism and possibly suicide. He often whines about the meaninglessness of everything and always has low expectations. He has an immense dislike for happiness, seeing it as something that wrecks the world for others. Despite his aversion to joy, he seems to find comfort in receiving pain, and when he does smile, thereby causing himself pain, he finds it cool.

A nihilist attitude like his makes him as callous as the other Zeti despite not being particularly violent (at least compared to the rest of the Deadly Six), as he will amuse himself by bringing bad news to others, making their lives a misery, and even hurting and killing others. He'll even go as far as causing global genocide for his own benefits.

Zor is capable of utilizing dark and forbidden powers that none of the other Zeti dare to use, such as manifesting and commanding flocks of shadowy bats that can even amalgamate to form shadowy clones of himself, which seemingly possess the same abilities that the real Zor can use. Like all Zeti, Zor has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, allowing him to control electronics, which he does to Eggman's Badniks.

Sonic Lost World boss battles

First Battle (Wii U/PC)

  • Silent Forest
  • Nightmare Zone
SLW Zor Boss Silent Forest 2.png
SLW Zor Boss Nightmare Zone.png
Game: Sonic Lost World (Wii U/PC)
Level: Silent Forest Zone 2
Hits to defeat: 3

After his first confrontation with Sonic, Zor retreats to Silent Forest Zone 2, where he will use his owl mech to try and catch Sonic. Should the hedgehog be caught by the searchlights, he will be carried off by shadow bats, constituting instant death. Throughout the Zone, the player must use stealth to avoid the searchlights until they reach the end of the Zone, where Zor will resort to fighting Sonic.

Zor will use the owl mech to fire capsule-like missiles that circle around the arena as they slowly descend. Should one of them reach the ground, it will split open and send a harmful electrical spark that will crawl along the ground of the arena. The player must wait for the missiles to descend low enough, then perform a Flying Kick on one of them to send it back to Zor, knocking him off and allowing the player to attack him. He will then repeat his attack, firing more missiles and requiring more missiles to be grounded. After enough hits, Zor will be forced to retreat.

This battle is repeated in Nightmare Zone, with Zor's owl mech being replaced by the second-level Nightmaren Jackle. To defeat Zor, Sonic must use the Homing Attack or Flying Kick to send three of Jackle's cards at him.

Second Battle (Wii U/PC)

SLW Zor Boss Silent Forest 4.jpg
Game: Sonic Lost World (Wii U/PC)
Level: Silent Forest Zone 4

Seeing Sonic run through the ruins of Silent Forest, Zor challenges him in a dark temple room at the end of Zone 4. Once encountered, Zor will summon his shadow bats to fuse together and create two shadow clones to aid him. The lights will go out, and all three will then start flying around the arena, leaving the player to figure out which Zor is the real one and attack him, and so long as the lights stay out, all three Zors will look identical. To reveal which is the real Zor, the player has to pull down a light switch, exposing the real Zor. They must be quick, as Zor and his shadow clones will ricochet off the blocks that make up the floor and make less standing room for the player, leading to death via bottomless pit. It only takes a few hits to defeat Zor, and a fully-charged Homing Attack will take him down in one hit.

Final Battle (Wii U/PC)

SLW Zor Boss Lava Mountain 3.png
Game: Sonic Lost World (Wii U/PC)
Level: Lava Mountain Zone 3

Zor goes for one more round against Sonic at the end of the second tier of Lava Mountain Zone 3. The player does not attack Zor directly, but must instead flee from him by climbing the tower as he jumps from platform to platform to attack them with energy blasts. At the top of the tower are two switches on both sides of the arena, and the player must pull either one of them down to destroy the platforms, dropping Zor into a hot bath and putting an end to his miserable ways.

3DS version

Game: Sonic Lost World (3DS)
Level: Silent Forest

In the 3DS version, Zor is encountered at the end of Silent Forest where he stands atop an owl mech and prepares to charge a deadly laser at Sonic. The player must climb into a cannon and use the Nintendo 3DS gyroscope to aim at Zor and shoot him down. They must be careful, as there are numerous fake owl mechs that, while not harmful, will waste the player's time and give Zor a chance to finish charging his laser. Despite being obscured a bit by shadows, the fake owl mechs tend to be quite different from that of the real owl mech, allowing the player to distinguish the real owl mech amongst them.

Once Zor is hit, he will be grounded, allowing the player to beat on him with Homing Attacks. After a while, he will get back up and repeat his attack until he is defeated. When aiming the cannon, the player can fire Sonic at capsules containing Gray Wisps, allowing the player to use Gray Quake on Zor for critical damage.

This battle is repeated in Lava Mountain Zone 2, following the battle with Zeena. In this rematch, Zor has more health and his attacks are harder to avoid.

Other appearances

Zor appeared during the storyline of the "Zazz Raid" event in Sonic Runners, where Zazz comes to him and Zeena for advice on how to beat Sonic. While Zeena teases Zazz, Zor tells the pink Zeti how a battle is like a symphony. Zazz, of course, has no idea what he's talking about and gets flustered.

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