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First seen: Sonic Frontiers (2022)
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The Ancients are an alien race introduced in Sonic Frontiers that brought the Chaos Emeralds to Earth tens of thousands of years ago. Their appearance highly resembles Chaos, the God of Destruction.


The Ancients used the Chaos Emeralds to power their spacecraft so they could escape their home world before The End destroyed it. While traveling through the galaxy the Chaos Emeralds reacted to the Master Emerald on Earth and forced them to land on the planet. The Ancients made the Starfall Islands their home for a time, but later found out The End followed them through space. They constructed the Titans to battle The End in space, but their efforts were not enough. They had to seal The End with themselves in Cyber Space to stop the monster. There was another group that traveled to the location of the Master Emerald. Over their time on this planet, their bodies changed and evolved through the generations. What remains of them became a new species, the Chao.