Storm the Albatross

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Storm the Albatross
First seen: Sonic Riders (2006)
Species: Albatross
Gender: Male
Age: 19[1]
Height: 140cm (4'7")[1]
Weight: 80kg (176lbs)[1]
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A powerful, bulky and short tempered Colossus who bears a slight resemblance to Big the Cat, Storm the Albatross is Knuckles' rival on the side of the Babylon Rogues. This power-packed force of nature is Jet's right hand man and the muscle behind the Babylon Rogues. He has a quick temper and may stutter when he's flustered. Storm is very clumsy, which tends to cause embarrassment for himself, Jet and Wave. After he loses to Knuckles in Egg Factory, a humiliated Wave insults him by commenting that Storm sucks. He has a very bulky body and small eyes, and is not very fast. He rides a board known as the Type S. He has very little speed ability, relying on pure raw power. In the introduction to Story Mode, Knuckles manages to knock Storm flying and off the Type S, but he escapes by holding onto the Type W. Sonic then rides Type S to chase the Rogues.

Storm has a bigger role in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, and has more stages in story mode than he did in the previous game. He took it upon himself to chase down Amy Rose in order to take the Ark of the Cosmos from her.

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