Egg Factory

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Egg Factory

Egg Factory
Third Heroes level, Sonic Riders
Level theme: industrial
Secondary level theme: lava/volcano
Played as: Knuckles
Opponent: Storm

Egg Factory is the third Hero-story racecourse in Sonic Riders. The EX World Grand Prix moves from Splash Canyon's tropical waterways to the decidedly less pleasant interior of one of Eggman's vast industrial complexes. Grimy metal concourses hang dangerously over lakes of molten steel, and robot production lines occasionally intersect with the racetrack, requiring contestants to swerve round half-completed androids or get knocked off course. This level features a large number of sudden, right-angle turns, so good control of the brakes is a must!


Walking through the factory before the start of the race, Knuckles rounds a corner and literally bumps into Storm. Still bearing each other no shortage of ill feeling after their original encounter in Night Chase, the echidna and the albatross trade insults and almost punches, although their attempts at violence lead instead to the dismemberment of a hapless E-10000R with the misfortune to be standing too close. Omochao then announces that the race is about to begin, so the rivals agree to settle their dispute on the track.


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