Green Cave

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Green Cave
Green Cave
Fourth Heroes track, Sonic Riders
Level theme: jungle
Played as: Tails
Opponent: Wave the Swallow
Non-English names:
  • JP: グリーンケイブ
Egg Factory | Sand Ruins

Green Cave is the fourth Hero-story racecourse in Sonic Riders.


Practicing in the forest before the semifinal race, Sonic is confronted by Jet, who provides some pre-match trash talk. The mockery seems to wreak more effect on Tails than his blue pal, though; remembering Wave's disparagement at Splash Canyon, the fox admits to Sonic and Knuckles that she has a point; Tails is only an amateur Extreme Gear mechanic by comparison to the Rogues' engineer. Nevertheless, Tails resolves to improve his skills and ensure Sonic's Blue Star board is working at 100%.

The race itself pits Tails against Wave, and six E-10000G robots.


The EX World Grand Prix's semifinal competition takes place beneath the thick canopies and dark caverns of a rainforest area. Oversized elastic spiderwebs and monstrously vast, armoured millipedes are to be found amidst the tree-branch race routes. Shortcuts for Power Type characters hide behind misleading direction signs; and the absence of barriers from the track sides means good Gear control is essential so players don't fall off the edge.


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Mission Objective Character Time limit Emblem requirements
Gold Silver Bronze
Mission 1 Perform tricks to get 12 or more points and split before Storm appears. Amy 1'10"00 26 points 20 points 12 points
Mission 2 Collect 6 or more pieces of junk before Storm appears. Knuckles 1'05"00 12 pieces 10 pieces 6 pieces
Mission 3 Go as far into the forest as you can before Storm appears and reach the goal in 65 seconds. Tails 1'05"00 x'xx"xx x'xx"xx 1'05"00
Mission 4 There is a route where you can go down. Do 4 or more grinds so Storm's work goes to waste. Sonic 1'05"00 8 grinds 6 grinds 4 grinds
Mission 5 Use Air Ride 19 times or more to get the treasure before Storm appears. Tails 1'20"00 33 Air Rides 26 Air Rides 19 Air Rides
EXTRA 1 Mission 4 Fight with Jet! Hit him with 1 or more attacks and reach the goal before he does. Knuckles 1'15"00 3 hits 2 hits 1 hit


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