White Cave

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White Cave
White Cave
Fourth Babylon track, Sonic Riders
Level theme: jungle
Played as: Jet
Opponent: E-10000G
Non-English names:
  • JP: ホワイトケイブ
Ice Factory | Dark Desert

White Cave is the fourth Babylon story racecourse in Sonic Riders.


With Storm still away engaged on counter-Eggman espionage in Ice Factory, Jet is relaxing in Green Cave while Wave frets over the albatross' delay. Spotting Sonic practicing on his Extreme Gear, Jet sneaks off from a lecture about leadership responsibility to throw taunts at the hedgehog, before his own EX World Grand Prix race against the E-10000Gs.


Although not quite the mycologist's wonderland of Grand Kingdom's Shrouded Forest, White Cave still deserves its name for the drifts of colourless fungal spores that rain down on the level throughout the race. Green Cave's mighty trees have been rendered brittle and fragile by the onslaught of pervasive spore-dust, and the giant millipedes have changed from rust-brown to a dull, lichen grey.


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Mission Objective Character Time limit Emblem requirements
Gold Silver Bronze
Mission 1 Perform tricks to get 14 or more points and split before Wave appears. Cream 1'05"00 22 points x points 14 points
Mission 2 Collect 8 or more pieces of junk before Wave appears. Knuckles 1'05"00 12 pieces 10 pieces 8 pieces
Mission 3 Go as far into the forest as you can before Wave appears and reach the goal in 60 seconds. Tails 1'00"00 x'xx"xx x'xx"xx 1'00"00
Mission 4 There is a route where you can go down. Do 4 or more grinds so Wave's work goes to waste. Sonic 1'00"00 8 grinds 6 grinds 4 grinds
Mission 5 Fight with Wave! Hit her with 1 or more attacks and reach the goal before she does. Sonic 1'10"00 3 hits 2 hits 1 hit
EXTRA 3 Mission 4 Use Air Ride 30 or more times to get the treasure before Jet appears. Tails 1'20"00 38 Air Rides 34 Air Rides 30 Air Rides


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