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Sky Road
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Sky Road
Sixth Babylon track, Sonic Riders
Location: Babylon Garden
Level themes: sky, ancient ruins
Played as: Wave
Opponent: E-10000R
Non-English names:
  • JP: スカイロード
Dark Desert | Babylon Guardian
For other similarly named levels, see Sky Road.

Sky Road is the sixth Babylon story racecourse in Sonic Riders.


While their respective team leaders battle it out on the track called Babylon Garden, Knuckles, Tails, Storm, and Wave make their way across the floating city as well. When the pairs encounter each other, Knuckles and Storm almost start another fistfight, despite the approaching hordes of E-10000G and E-10000R robots. Wave instructs Storm to knock it off and run; Knuckles and Tails quickly follow suit.


Blasting along jade-paved boulevards between the glittering minarets of Babylon Garden, the track features a number of long and conspicuously barrier-free corners from which it is particularly east to fall. On top of that, Sky Road features plenty of the silver-and-cyan interceptor drones uses by the Babylonians to protect their floating city - complete with missile ordinance to blast sections of the track out from underneath the player.


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Mission Objective Character Time limit Emblem requirements
Gold Silver Bronze
Mission 1 Perform tricks to get 16 or more points and split before Wave appears. Cream 1'10"00 30 points 24 points 16 points
Mission 2 Collect 8 or more pieces of junk before Wave appears. Tails 1'05"00 12 pieces 10 pieces 8 pieces
Mission 3 Avoid the obstacles and reach the goal in 65 seconds. Sonic 1'05"00 x'xx"xx x'xx"xx 1'05"00
Mission 4 Smash 9 or more objects to make Wave's work go to waste. Knuckles 1'05"00 15 objects 12 objects 9 objects
Mission 5 Be clever with your gear! Try to keep your speed over 140 as you head toward the goal! Knuckles 1'05"00 x'xx"xx x'xx"xx 1'05"00
EXTRA 4 Mission 2 Grind 8 or more times to get the treasure before Jet appears. Sonic 1'10"00 14 grinds 12 grinds 8 grinds
EXTRA 4 Mission 5 The final battle with Storm, Wave and Jet! Prove you're the best by reaching the goal before them. Sonic 1'10"00 x'xx"xx x'xx"xx 1'10"00


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