Babylon Guardian

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Babylon Guardian

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Babylon Guardian
Seventh Babylon level, Sonic Riders
Level theme: spooky/supernatural
Secondary level theme: cyberspace
Played as: Sonic
Opponent: Angelus the Gatekeeper
Maximum rings: 0
For the stage's genie inhabitant, see Angelus the Gatekeeper.

Babylon Guardian is the seventh Babylon story racecourse in Sonic Riders. In the strange interior of Babylon Garden, the rules of time and space seem to no longer apply; at one point a dimensionless void, the next a gothic, blood-red hellscape, and then a black-and-white techno-corridor, precisely what this track truly is never gets unequivocally resolved - although some kind of holodeck seems a credible theory. What is certain, however, is that it's inhabited by a very large and very angry ancient Babylonian, who doesn't seem to appreciate interlopers disturbing his slumber.

In Story Mode, there are absolutely no rings available on this level.


The last (and only) boss fight in Sonic Riders, the Babylon Guardian course sees Team Sonic (plus Amy) and the Babylon Rogues make their way inside Babylon Garden's inner sanctum. Angelus the Gatekeeper springs out of the darkness, determined to thwart any attempt to recover the city's ancient treasures.

There is no lap limit in this level; to win, Sonic must simply slam into Angelus' bottle three times. Each hit causes the simulation to falter, and with the final strike, the genie's terrifying environment vanishes altogether.


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