Babylon Garden (Sonic Riders)

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Babylon Garden (Sonic Riders)

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Babylon Garden
Sixth Heroes level, Sonic Riders
Level theme: sky
Secondary level theme: ancient ruins
Played as: Sonic
Opponent: Jet
This article deals with the Babylon Garden racecourse from Sonic Riders. For more about the city's role in the storyline and in other games, see Babylon Garden.

Sharing a name with its setting, Babylon Garden is the sixth Hero-story racecourse in Sonic Riders, and, predictably, takes place on the ancient floating city (as does the Babylon Rogues' Sky Road level). Pursuing Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic on the Tornado and their airship respectively, Team Sonic and the Rogues fly straight into the storm system brewing around the newly-ascended Garden. Tails throws Sonic a new Extreme Gear, the Blue Star II (Blue Star I having been blown up by Wave), and the hedgehog skydives off the biplanes' wings onto the ancient roadways of the floating city. Jet does likewise, and the two race each other (along with a small army of Eggman's E-10000G robots) in an effort to catch up with the obese scientist first.

The stage itself actively works against Sonic and Jet here; Babylon Garden's (still very functional) defenses have been activated now the city is unearthed, and sleek, silvery Babylonian fighter craft blast overhead, raining explosive death down on the track. Fortunately, their turbulent wakes can support Extreme Gear when they blow the course out, and one section of the level sees racers hitch a ride on the interceptors themselves to fly through storm clouds.

Finally, Sonic and Jet catch up with the Doctor, arriving just as he's about to unlock the central porte of the Garden. The fat man is holding Amy hostage, and advises Sonic to let him continue his work opening the temple. Instead, Sonic displays a complete disregard for Amy's safety and uses his Extreme Gear to generate a vortex, blowing Eggman away. Tails, Knuckles, Storm, and Wave arrive, and the swallow snatches up the Garden's control cube to open the temple on behalf of the Rogues.


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