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The Vikings are a group of polar bears who appear in Sonic Rush Adventure. Hardy residents of the frozen north in the Sol Dimension, the Vikings live in a village in Blizzard Peaks.

During their pursuit of Captain Whisker and the Jewelled Scepter across the seas, the team of Sonic, Blaze, Tails, and Marine confront the pirate in the nautical graveyard of Haunted Ship. Whisker deploys the Ghost Pirate to cover his escape to the north. Although he gets away, Blaze says that they should follow and attempt to enlist the aid of the Vikings, as they have experience fighting the pirates. Travel through the ice floes requires a better ship, so they return to Southern Island for Tails to construct the Aqua Blast hovercraft.

Eventually making it to Blizzard Peaks, the heroes find the Viking village deserted. Whisker has frozen them all using the Ghost Whale! After the Whale is defeated and Blaze thaws out the iced villagers, a Viking called Norman reveals the location of Pirates' Island to the far east.

Freed from the ice, Norman accompanies Sonic back to Southern Island, where he can be found at the Ocean Tornado docks. Speak to him for the Viking Cup, a Wave Cyclone time-trial course where you can replay the Special Stage races.

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