Haunted Ship

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Haunted Ship
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Haunted Ship
Fourth level, Sonic Rush Adventure
Number of Acts: 3 (including boss stage)
Level theme: spooky/supernatural
Played as: Sonic or Blaze
Boss: Ghost Pirate
Underwater areas: No
Non-English names:
  • JP: ハウンテッドシップ Haunteddoshippu
Coral Cave | Blizzard Peaks

Haunted Ship is the fourth level in Sonic Rush Adventure; another destination in the tropical seas of the Sol Dimension. This place is a nautical graveyard; rotting, half-sunken sailing ships litter the fog-wreathed waters, while robotic ghosts and skeletons clamber across the ancient rigging. Sonic and Blaze have to bounce along elastic ropes, climbing in skeletal barrels and giant cannons to blast from wreck to wreck. Captain Whisker hides out here, so not all of the ships are decrepit; when pirate galleons arrive in the background, get moving - there's a broadside on the way!


Whisker stole the Jewelled Scepter from Coral Cave while the Ghost Kraken kept Sonic distracted; after the robot pirate escapes with it, the heroes are fresh out of leads. Blaze tells Tails to see if he can rig up a radio mast on Southern Island, to see if there's any electromagnetic activity that might point them in the direction of a clue. This requires Sonic to go searching for more Material; but eventually, the tower is built and signals are detected coming from the eastern fogs.

Sailing in that direction, Sonic, Blaze, Tails, and Marine find a small island, and thereupon Kylok, a member of the Coconut Crew. The koala tells them that a reputedly haunted region lies further east; Marine, scared of ghosts, is determined not to admit any fear to her "crew". The team press on and eventually arrive in this spooky sea.

This is the first main level where the player is given a choice of taking Sonic or Blaze into the stage. Blaze is usually the preferred choice, as her Axel Tornado move (Spring, Up, R) gets significantly more height than Sonic's Hop Jump - a considerable advantage when bouncing around the elastic rigging.

Level-Exclusive Gimmicks

  • Blue Ropes - Much of the level is dominated by them. You bounce off them and you can trick, these are the reason why it's a good Blaze zone. You can jump higher if you land on it very hard or jump on it more than one time in a row.
  • Anchors - Wrapped round the masts, for some reason. The rope twirls around until the anchor eventually throws you off sideways; you can Trick off it. This gimmick takes a while and is a good one to skip during Time Trials.
  • Skeleton Barrels - There's a few here... there's some hanging from ropes, if they are dark brown, they will come down and capture you and go back up in the air! If you keep pressing A, you can break free. Usually a hindrance, though sometimes can take you to a higher area. It's best to avoid them during a Time Trail.
  • Small Breakable Barrels - Can contain Springs or Monitors.
  • The Cannon! - The level's 3D part, you go through a series of hoops, each hoop has either the A, B or R button on it. If you press the corresponding button when the button turns orange (as you go through the hoop), you can earn Combo Stars, but if you press at the wrong time or the wrong button, you lose your Combo.
  • Background ships - Someone - phantasmal or otherwise - is rather pissed that Sonic or Blaze is still alive, and would prefer to see them filled with lead cannonballs instead. These ships will chase you from the background during certain sections, lobbing the aforementioned projectiles in your general direction along the way. This generally isn't a hazard if you keep moving to the right at maximum possible speed.


  • Skeletons - If they see you, they will throw a bone at you. Just Spin Jump or Super Boost into them.
  • Ghosts - Appear and disappear, they try to throw little black cannonballs at you. If they are visible, they can be killed!
  • Blue Flaming Skulls - They try to attach to you, if they do, they slow you horribly down, to the point where you can barely run or jump. Get rid of them by activating Super/Fire Boost.

While Marine is scared of ghosts, she shouldn't be afraid of these phonies; while they may look supernatural, the bolts and sprockets that pop out when they explode demonstrates that these are still robots.


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