Whale Point

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Whale Point
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Whale Point
Tutorial Zone, Sonic Rush Adventure
Number of Acts: 1
Location: Southern Island
Level themes: tropical island, ocean
Maximum rings: 20
Plant Kingdom

Whale Point is the short tutorial stage of Sonic Rush Adventure. It is located on Southern Island. Sonic travels through this stage in order to assist Marine in gathering ship-building Material, which she cannot access due to recent geologic activity.

The tileset used in this stage is the same one seen in Plant Kingdom.


Tails will instruct the player on how to use the game's controls, if so desired. In any event, Sonic moves right through strings of Rings and through a loop. He jumps onto a ledge, defeats an enemy, and tops a peak with a spring in combination with a Hop Jump (R and Up). He then bursts through a high breakable wall using a spring and a Humming Top (R and Right), and then dashes through more breakable walls and a rock slide (caused by recent earthquakes) by going into Super Boost (X or Y buttons). Sonic then finds a chest containing Blue and Iron Material, which ends the stage.

With the Materials you gather at Whale Point, Tails is able to build the Wave Cyclone, the first watercraft that allows the player to explore the ocean surrounding Southern Island.


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