Captain Whisker and Johnny (boss)

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Captain Whisker and Johnny
Captain Whisker and Johnny
Game: Sonic Rush Adventure
Level: Pirates' Island
Fought by: Sonic, Blaze

Captain Whisker and Johnny fight two-on-one against Sonic or Blaze as the seventh boss of Sonic Rush Adventure, in Pirates' Island. Having followed the trail of ruins and altars across the Hidden Islands of the Sol Dimension, the team are able to crack the undersea puzzle to enter Captain Whisker's base. The pirates have militarized the ancient ruins with cannons and robots on every rooftop; but the heroes blast through to reach Whisker, Mini, and Mum at the heart of the base. To Sonic's surprise; Johnny is there too, revealing himself as a subordinate of the pirate Captain, and together the pair attack.


This double-team fight arena is less 3D than most other Rush Adventure bosses; fighting is essentially confined to a multi-tiered, 2D arena. Buzz-saws set into the floor slice back and forth as Whisker and Johnny leap between the levels. Each character has a separate health bar and attacks mostly independently; in a real sense this is two fights at once.

Johnny's attacks are mostly flight-based; he swoops to and fro in the air, occasionally diving straight for the player in a torpedo-like attack. Captain Whisker, meanwhile, has a much more varied repertoire; combining shockwave-making bounces with launchable missile-fists and an immense flamethrower attack, he tends to be the more durable combatant. On occasion he will also snatch Johnny out of the air and hurl him at the player!

As Captain Whisker and Johnny's health bars are drained, a buzz-saw begins to quickly sweep the central platform you're currently on / nearest to, adding to the dangers the player must avoid. You can retreat to another central platform, although another buzz-saw will soon follow while the original buzz-saw retracts. Eventually there will be two active buzz-saws at once, further limiting the safe ground available for the fight and making travel between central platforms much more risky business. There are small platforms located on the sides of the arena that are buzz-saw-free, but staying on them severely limits your maneuverability around Captain Whisker, Johnny, and their attacks.

The battle is inconclusive for all participants. Johnny makes a hasty retreat, leaving his captain to fend for himself; Whisker escapes by a trapdoor and kidnaps Marine while he's at it. Sonic, Tails, and Blaze pursue, leading straight to another (much harder) boss: Big Swell.


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