Blizzard Peaks

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Blizzard Peaks
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Blizzard Peaks
Fifth / Sixth Zone, Sonic Rush Adventure
Number of Acts: 3 (including boss stage)
Level theme: winter
Played as: Sonic, Blaze
Boss: Ghost Whale
Underwater areas: No
Non-English names:
  • JP: ブリザードピークス Burizādopīkusu
Haunted Ship | Sky Babylon

Blizzard Peaks is a stage in Sonic Rush Adventure, which can be played as either the fifth or sixth stage of the game. As with other stages in the game, Blizzard Peaks consists of two standard Acts followed by a dedicated boss Act. Aqua Material can be found here.


With the Aqua Blast hovercraft now completed after Captain Whisker's escape from Haunted Ship, the team on Southern Island have two possible routes of investigation: north, towards the Vikings of Blizzard Peaks, or east, into regions unknown to Blaze. Should the player opt for north, Blizzard Peaks is the destination - home of the Viking polar-bears, long-time enemies of Whisker's pirates, who Blaze hopes will be able to share their knowledge and fighting prowess.

However, the Viking village is suspiciously deserted. Sonic, Blaze, Tails, and Marine set out to find the inhabitants. It is the raccoon who makes the unpleasant discovery: the Vikings have been frozen solid in blocks of ice! Whisker steps out of the shadows, gleefully proclaiming his responsibility; then summons the Ghost Whale, to do the same to the heroes.


A frozen island in the north of the Sol Dimension, Blizzard Peaks is a fast-paced, slide-y level where Sonic and Blaze cannon down the mountainside both with snowboards and just plain sprinting. Slippery ice paths and half-pipes combine with an abundance of grindrails to keep the player moving at breakneck pace. The player will be holding onto giant ice stalactites and outpace thundering avalanches as they make their way over the mountain range.

Level-exclusive gimmicks

  • Snowboard - Goes forward automatically. It is impossible to backtrack with it, but the player can still Boost when using it. Like the minecart in Coral Cave, press Left to slow it down when trying to jump over tricky holes.
  • Ice Sheets - They look like thin sheets covered in snow, but they will bounce the player in the air, providing they hit them from above or the side.
  • Half-pipes - Sends the player sliding back and forth through them down their entire length. Trick Actions can be performed from them, but the player can also escape them completely by pressing R when in the air. This is highly recommended for Time Attack.
  • Long Blue Springy Vines - Grabbing one will eventually send the player up into the air. The animation takes a while, so skipping them is recommended in Time Attack.
  • Icicles - The player will spiral down them when hitting them, and should jump off to another icicle before they slide too low.


SonicRushAdventure DS Sprite CrystalHead.png
Crystal Head — Snowflake robots that hover in the air and spin when the player approaches them. Boosting or Trick Actions can destroy them.
SonicRushAdventure DS Sprite KaizokuSnowball.png
Kaizoku Snowball — Robots hiding in snowballs that will emerge to shoot at the player.
SonicRushAdventure DS Sprite KaizokuGlider.png
Kaizoku Glider — Skeleton robots riding large orange hang gliders.


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