Machine Labyrinth

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Machine Labyrinth
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Machine Labyrinth
Second level, Sonic Rush Adventure
Number of Acts: 3 (including boss stage)
Level theme: industrial
Played as: Sonic
Boss: Ghost Pendulum
Underwater areas: No
Non-English names:
  • JP: マシンラビリンス Mashinrabirinsu
Plant Kingdom | Coral Cave

Machine Labyrinth is the second level in Sonic Rush Adventure; a mechanical island in the tropical seas of the Sol Dimension. This vast steampunk machinescape is a divergence from the traditional Factory/City cliché, in that rather than a grimy and oppressive Eggman Empire purgatory, the zone is quite a jaunty affair. Sonic sprints and bounces his way along winding iron roadways, zooming down vac-tubes and bouncing on steam plumes. The enemies are steam-powered too, and there's even a steam-powered hang glider for flying in!

The origin of the obviously artificial Machine Labyrinth is never explained in the game, though the most likely candidate for its construction seems to be Eggman Nega, as the only known roboticist active in Blaze's world for any length of time.


With Plant Kingdom thoroughly explored and the Ghost Rex defeated, Marine sets her eyes on new horizons to conquer - specifically, those to the south-east, where Tabby of the Coconut Crew reports a mechanical island is visible. Setting sail again on the Wave Cyclone, Sonic, Tails, and Marine make their way to this metallic anachronism of an atoll. The curious raccoon immediately wanders off the moment they land, requiring Sonic to race through the level looking for her.

The level allows you to obtain Bronze Material for the watercraft.

Level-Exclusive Gimmicks

  • Hang glider - Pressing Up will send it upward at a pre-determined height, then it will slowly decent. The speed that you hit the Hang Glider will determine the speed at which it travels, so if you want to be careful, walk into it, or use Super Boost to blast your way through! Be careful! Pressing the A button or running into something will make you crash! This is a gimmick that takes getting used to, but neon blue arrows in the background will sometimes indicate when danger is near at your altitude.
  • Steam - In most Sonic games, steam is harmful, but here it's a Trick Object that pushes your high in the air! Steam jets are sometimes capped by a plug, which can be broken to blast you up in the air.
  • Steam Pinwheel - You automatically go around in a circle, jump off it when you are facing the direction you want to go, though it helps if you hold the d-pad in the desired direction. Similar to the pinwheels of Sky Canyon in Sonic Advance 2.
  • 3D Drums - These drums send you bouncing into the foreground or background, allowing the player to get around what were seemingly solid walls. A series of drums will bounce you around and eventually deposit you back in the level proper.
  • Vac-Tubes - Quickly transport you to different parts of the level, usually in or out of the "factory" (indicated by a change in the background).


  • Mecha Skeletons - These crazy robots have long arms with wrenches, if you get too close, they will swirl those arms around and hurt you, so they have quite a wide attack radius! Try to jump on them, or just Super Boost.
  • Rocket Pack Skeletons - Have a funky Rocket Pack, they move up and down in the air and try to block their way, R trick them, or Super Boost them!
  • Blue Shorts Fat Robots - Spray a jet of Steam at you, trying to push you backwards, often into something unpleasant, jump over them from afar, or just Super Boost as always!


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