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Deep Core
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Deep Core
Ninth Zone, Sonic Rush Adventure
Number of Acts: 1
Level themes: underground/cave, lava/volcano
Played as: Super Sonic and Burning Blaze
Boss: Egg Wizard
Prerequisite: Clear Big Swell and collect all Chaos and Sol Emeralds
Non-English names:
  • JP: ディープコア
Big Swell
SRA Deep Core.PNG
Egg Wizard
Game: Sonic Rush Adventure

Deep Core is the Last Story level of Sonic Rush Adventure for the Nintendo DS. There is no regular platforming gameplay here; Deep Core is a boss fight level just like Big Swell, against the final boss, the Egg Wizard.


After destroying Captain Whisker and recovering the Jeweled Scepter, it seems that Sonic and Tails' adventures with Blaze and Marine in the Sol Dimension have come to an end. With the pirates' schemes defeated, the only thing that remains is getting home to Sonic's world. Tails begins work on the SS Tornado EX, a vessel which should be able to tunnel back through dimensions using the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds; Sonic and Blaze are charged with collecting the gems, by racing Johnny and completing Gardon's missions respectively. Inbetween these searches, the team relaxes on Southern Island and generally enjoys the post-adventure peace.

But all this changes after the 14th Emerald is collected. Gardon busts into Marine's house, frantically bringing Blaze the news that the Jeweled Scepter has been stolen from the royal treasury! No sooner has this news been digested than a massive earthquake rocks Windmill Village; the four friends dash outside to watch as a huge purple robot rises up from the waves. And accompanying it, making themselves visible for the first time in the game: Doctors Eggman and Eggman Nega!

The Eggmen explain to a shocked audience that they were the secret masters behind Captain Whisker and the pirates; they were the ones who wanted the Jeweled Scepter; and now, they will be the ones to harness the Power of the Stars beneath Southern Island. Their giant robot, the Egg Wizard, disappears en route to the lava caverns below; the heroes give chase in Tails' Magma Hurricane drill-machine.

Under the island, the Eggmen have powered up the Scepter by the time Sonic and Blaze arrive. Nega boasts that he'll require only a fraction of the power now at his disposal to wipe Blaze's kingdom off the map. The heroes use the collected Chaos and Sol Emeralds to become Super Sonic and Burning Blaze; together, they double-team the Egg Wizard in this final battle.


The gameplay of the last boss sees the super-transformed characters flying through an underground lava chamber in pursuit of the Wizard, who fires a host of mechanical and supernatural attacks their way (by means of the Jeweled Scepter). As with other tag-team Super last bosses (Finalhazard, Solaris), control can be switched between Super Sonic and Burning Blaze mid-battle by means of the R button, although the characters share the same declining Ring count, so this is merely a means of accessing the different attacks. Burning Blaze has a chargeable fireball while Super Sonic has a reflection attack which bounces the Wizard's attacks back at it.

The mecha's attacks are many and varied. With the staff it creates laser-firing plasma balls; vast flamethrower bursts; green and blue fireball attacks; and trios of golden dragon heads which home in on the player characters. In the third round it also starts launching ranks of giant missile attacks which cover most of the screen.


When the situation begins to look decidedly grim for their robot, Nega prepares to fire the "Planet-Buster Laser" in an act of insanity, prompting Eggman to call him a madman as firing the weapon would destroy the world. Luckily, Marine is there in the nick of time, distracting the robot with an attack to the head just long enough for Super Sonic and Burning Blaze to deliver the coup de grâce.

In the end sequence, Sonic and Tails return to their own dimension in the SS Tornado EX. Marine gives them a tearful send-off, vowing that she'll become a real captain in time for their return.


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