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Sonic Rush Adventure's watery map of Blaze's homeworld.

The Sol Dimension (there is no official name in the game continuity; the Archie comics call it the Sol Zone) is the home dimension of Blaze the Cat and the Sol Emeralds. Sonic and Tails visit this world in Sonic Rush Adventure, teaming up with Blaze and Marine the Raccoon to stop Captain Whiskers.

In the games

Like Sonic's world, the Sol Dimension is home to a variety of anthropomorphic animals, with koalas and polar bears being particularly noticable. Ambiguous continuity between Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Rivals, and Sonic '06 makes the nature of this world, and exactly which characters are supposed to originate from it, uncertain; with Crisis City or the Onyx Island future being possibilities for Blaze, Eggman Nega, and Silver the Hedgehog. Nega calls the world a "parallel universe" to Sonic's, sustained by the Power of the Stars.

Sonic Rush

This alternate dimension was first mentioned in the original Sonic Rush. Eggman somehow manages to break through the fabric of reality to access Blaze's world, where he finds and allies with Eggman Nega. The two cross back to Sonic's world, bringing the Sol Emeralds with them - a move which destabilises both dimensions, and begins to merge them into a single world. While the Eggmen believe that this fusion will allow them to create a transdimensional Eggmanland in the aftermath, Tails thinks it will wreck both realities; either way, Sonic and Blaze have to stop it.

Exception, the final boss level of Sonic Rush, takes place inside the glowing dimensional rift as the Sol Dimension overlaps with Sonic's world. After the Eggmen are defeated and Blaze takes the Sol Emeralds back to their home dimension, the planar overlay is averted.

Sonic Rush Adventure

In the opening sequence for Sonic Rush Adventure, the Tornado is swept up by a chaos-energy-based waterspout, bringing Sonic and Tails to Blaze's world rather than vice versa. The region is overwhelmingly oceanic, with just a few scattered islands to be found amidst a vast, shallow sea. Whether the watery area explored in Sonic Rush Adventure is representative of Blaze's entire world is not known.

Blaze in Haunted Ship.

Locations in the Sol Dimension visited during Sonic Rush Adventure include:

In other media

The Archie series ran a reasonably faithful adaptation of the events of Sonic Rush Adventure beginning in Issue #192, naming Blaze's world the "Sol Zone" in keeping with that continuity's convention. The series would revisit the world in Sonic Universe 1, with Shadow the Hedgehog pursuing Metal Sonic there via Chaos Control.


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