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Cocoa Island in Tails Adventure

Cocoa Island (ココアアイランドMedia:TA JP Manual.pdf[1]), known as Tails Island in Western instruction manualsMedia:TailsAdventures GG EU manual.pdf[2] or Koko Island in Sonic Gems Collection, is the setting for the 1995 Game Gear game Tails Adventures. The entirety of the game takes place there; but Cocoa Island has neither been seen nor mentioned in any subsequent game.

In the opening sequence of the Tails Adventure, the Battle Kukku Army invades the island in full military force, intent on seizing the Chaos Emeralds (which have presumably manifested there due to some inscrutible quirk of Chaos Physics). At the opening of their blitzkrieg attack, the Battle Kukkus burn Poloy Forest to the ground - just as young Miles "Tails" Prower is taking a nap there, thus commencing the fox's solo adventure.


The island is presumably located somewhere not too far removed from West Side Island and South Island - if only because Tails would have difficulty meeting up with Sonic for their subsequent adventures were Cocoa Island on the other side of the world.

Unlike many of the ubiquitous isles of the Sonic series, Cocoa Island seems to have a fairly normal and homogeneous climate, rather than cramming both scorching deserts and frozen wastes within a single landmass. So Cocoa Island's surface is mostly forests, with a mountain or two thrown in. However, Tails doesn't stay on the surface - Tails Adventure explores underground, underwater, and offshore too.

Tails' House

Tails' workshop...
...and submarine lab!

Years before Tails got his gloved hands on property in Mystic Ruins, Emerald Town, or Central City, the fox's first workshop took the form of a modest little abode on the south shore of Cocoa Island. This cosy wood-panneled house has a rather more high-tech attachment in the form of the Sea Fox's submarine lab. Tails stores the equipment he can't carry with him here, and returns to the house over and over again during the course of the adventure to refit. Exactly why the Battle Kukku Army doesn't just bomb the place into the ground is anyone's guess; presumably Tails' House is sufficiently inconspicuous as to avoid attracting the eyes (and guns) of the avian imperialists.

Main island

Playable stages on Cocoa Island proper (represented by the black entrances on the map) are, clockwise from Tails' House:


In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

Cocoa Island in Sonic Universe 17.

Cocoa Island and the Battle Kukkus went unmentioned in other Sonic media for many years after the release of Tails Adventures, besides a few cryptic references to the "Battle Bird Armada" in the Archie comics. A seemingly canceled storyline would have introduced the Battle Kukku Army as villains in an issue following #134 [1]. However, Tails Adventure finally saw a comic book adaptation starting in Sonic Universe 17 - fully 15 years after the game's release. Tails, Antoine D' Coolette, and Bunnie Rabbot travel to the island in the Sea Fox for a vacation. The first hint of trouble is that there are now three smaller islands in the archipelago; Tails remarks that the last time he visited, there were only two (Cavern Island and Green Island). In the disguised Coco Island, Kukku officers and Speedy observe the approaching trio.


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