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Sonic Universe #1
"Living Weapons"
Writer: Ian Flynn
Pencils: Tracy Yardley!, Steven Butler
Inks: Jim Amash, Steven Butler
Letters: Teresa Davidson
Colours: Jason Jensen, Paul Kaminski
Editor: Mike Pellerito
Cover artist: Patrick Spaziante
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2009-02-25[1] $2.50[1] ?
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Sonic Universe #1 is the first issue of the Sonic Universe comic series by Archie Comics. Its story picks up from where the Sonic X comic series had concluded.

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Living Weapons

Shadow uses Chaos Control to teleport Metal Sonic to another world. Shadow then attempts to reason with Metal by saying how Eggman is controlling him. However Metal Sonic does not listen to him and kicks him into the water. Metal Sonic takes a guess that he can not swim and fly's away. Shadow swims to the top of the water to find out that Metal Sonic is gone. A few seconds after the fight, Shadow hears a voice. He looks in the direction where the voice is coming from and see's the Ocean Tornado. Abroad the Ocean Tornado is, Marine the Raccoon and Blaze the Cat. Marine invites Shadow abroad the Ocean Tornado. Shadow accepts the offer and comes on board. While on board Blaze asks Shadow if he is related to Sonic the Hedgehog. Shadow then explains that he is not related but he has met Sonic. He then goes on to explain that he has been fighting Metal Sonic across worlds. After explaining he asks Blaze how she knows Sonic.

Blaze then goes on to tell Shadow how she knows Sonic. She mentioned that she first seen Sonic in a vision (She got visions from her connection with the Sol Emeralds) she had. In that first vision she thought Sonic was a enemy so she attacked him. Not very long after that vision Sonic and Tails got hit by a storm and ended up on Southern Island. Sonic & Tails then found Marine & Blaze. Johnny stolen one of Marine's Chaos Emeralds. This made Sonic & the gang look for Johnny. While looking they found the pirate leader, Captain Whiskers. Then they defeated Whiskers and the villain who was controlling Whiskers (Eggman Nega)). While telling this story, Marine interrupts and says that she beaten whiskers and Eggman Nega herself. However Shadow does not believe this. After the story the crew continues sailing home. When they get to Southern Island they quickly realize they are being attacked. They then find out that the person attcking them was Metal Sonic!

They find Metal Sonic. Shadow attempts to reason with him again however Blaze rush's towards Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic blocks the attack and receives no damage from the attack. Blaze then try's to attack Metal Sonic 2 times. The first attack misses but the second one hits. Metal Sonic does not get damaged by the attack and attacks Blaze from the behind damaging her. Shadow attempts to use Chaos Control on Metal Sonic but unfortunately Metal Sonic interrupts it. Marine jumps on Metal Sonic's head and punch's it. Of course, Metal Sonic does not feel anything. Blaze try's to attack again. She stops as soon as she gets there because of Marine being on Metal Sonic. This causes Blaze to be attacked. Shadow uses a Chaos Spear on Metal Sonic. It hits Metal Sonic but Metal Sonic absorbs it. After all these attacks Shadow try's to reason with Metal Sonic again. He explains how Eggman is using him and making him something only for misery and destruction. Metal Sonic thinks about it. However in the end Metal Sonic does not agree. Shadow, angered by this orders blaze to use a fire attack on Metal Sonic. Shadow uses the Spin Dash to attack him launching him in air (Similar to how the spin dash works in Sonic the Fighters). While Metal Sonic is in air, Marine uses a cannon to shoot Metal Sonic. This destroys Metal Sonic.

Shortly after the fight. Marine is celebrating her victory. Shadow then says to Marine that Metal Sonic had a Dimensional Engine which was his only way of getting back home since he does not have a Chaos Emerald. He finds out that Marine can not build a boat to go to different worlds. Fortunately, Blaze has a Chaos Emerald. Blaze gives the Chaos Emerald to Shadow then teleports to the G.U.N HQ in Mobius. Hope Kintobor and Commander Abraham Tower are waiting for Shadow at G.U.N. Shadow arrives back at G.U.N. Abraham asks if he got the Chaos Emerald. He shows the Chaos Emerald that Blaze gave to him. Abraham see's that he has completed his mission and tell's him that his next mission is tonight.

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