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Sonic Super Special Magazine #2
"Sonic Super Special"
Writer: Justin Freddy Mendez-Gabrie, Karl Bollers, Ken Penders, Michael Gallagher (reprinted material), Ian Flynn (bonus material)
Cover artist: Tracy Yardley!
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2012-02-01[1] $9.99 ?
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Sonic Super Special Magazine 2 was the second issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine published by Archie Comics. The issue was primarily used to catalogue a good portion of the Archie adaption of Sonic Adventure from 2000, which tied into the Mobius Timeline segments featured in these magazines. It also gave readers added details into how the United Federation functioned within the Archie Sonic timeline, prior to the Genesis Wave reboot.

Official Solicitation

The adventure continues! Sonic Super Special Magazine is packed with more than 100 pages of comics, news, features, never-before-seen artwork and a foil-enhanced cover by Sonic artist extraordinaire Tracy Yardley! This quarterly collection takes new readers on a take a look back at the story that changed everything: "Sonic Adventure"! From the discovery of the United Federation to a deadly close encounter with the monstrous Chaos, Sonic super-fans will also be treated with part two of the Sonic Time Line, featuring more brand-new art from Jamal Peppers!


  • If Wishes Were Acorns - Sonic the Hedgehog 080 (Archie)
    • Amy Rose wishes upon the Ring of Acorns to make herself a few years older than before, giving her a redesign similar to that of the Modern Amy. Due to the need to observe her transformation, the Freedom Fighters allow her to join on their adventure to the mysterious Hidden City of the Ancients, deep within a mountain. When they arrive, they are met with a mysterious underground civilization that mimics an everyday city with humans.
  • City of Dreams - Sonic the Hedgehog 081 (Archie)
    • The Hidden City of The Ancients continues to give the heroes many questions. They ask themselves if this place is safe, or if it could possibly be something worse than they think. Regardless, they know that this could be one of their only way to figuring out the secret to Mobius' origins.
  • Night of Chaos - Sonic the Hedgehog 082 (Archie)
    • The Freedom Fighters have been hailed heroes by the city's inhabitants, giving them the chance to explore what else it has. As Sonic is patrolling the town one night, he notices the police force have cornered a watery monster. After their bullets prove no use, Sonic comes in to protect the police and fight the creature. He defeats it and it retreats into the sewer system. As he questions what he just fought, Dr. Eggman looks from above claiming the beast is named Chaos, the God of Destruction.
  • Sonic Adventure - Sonic Super Special 13
    • A full-on Archie adaption of the story of Sonic Adventure, featuring major plot points of the game, rewritten to fit the world of Archie Sonic. Sonic and Tails chase after Eggman and Chaos trying to obtain Emerald's, while Knuckles continues his adventure for pieces of the Master Emerald. Amy goes missing, leaving the Freedom Fighters to begin searching the city for her. Eggman launches his new aerial ship, the Egg Carrier, but eventually crashes shortly after Sonic and crew arrive on it. Chaos is seemingly defeated by Sonic and Knuckles, but is seen escaping with Eggman, unbeknownst to him.
  • Menace to Society - Sonic the Hedgehog 083 (Archie)
    • Sonic and Tails go to search for the missing Tornado in the Mystic Ruins, but Chaos reaches it at the last second, gaining the final Super Emerald he needs. He floods the entire city, leaving the Freedom Fighters to try and save as many citizens as possible. Tikal, a spirit from Chaos' past, tells them that Chaos is anguished by how the Echidna tribe tried to use the Emeralds for power. They come up with a plan to use the Emerald's power to turn Sonic into Super Sonic to not only stop the rampage, but also to quell Chaos' anger, as he is still a key to helping the city maintain its existence.
  • Perfect Chaos - Sonic the Hedgehog 084 (Archie)
    • Super Sonic realizes he's only making Perfect Chaos angrier with the blows he's dealing and won't be able to calm him alone. Knuckles overcomes his fear of water to dive deep into the city to find a submerged Power Plant, which helps Super Sonic electrocute Perfect Chaos back into his original form. Tikal thanks them and brings Chaos back into their Zone, and Sonic and the Freedom Fighters bid Knuckles a farewell for now, as the city is finally saved.

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