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Sonic the Hedgehog #067
"Sonic the Hedgehog"
Cover date: February 1999
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1998-11-25[1] $1.75 ?
1998 $1.95 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #67 is the sixty-seventh issue of the ongoing Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. The issue would be reprinted in Sonic the Hedgehog Archives Volume 18.

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Tomb Raider

Sonic the Hedgehog stands atop a cliffside overlooking a massive jungle, looking upon and ancient ruins known as the "Lost Temple of Shazamazon". He is surprised that a place as pristine as this could escape Robotnik's industrialization unharmed. He jumps off the cliff and goes into a spin, cutting his way through the dense jungle. In his mind he replays the events that took place only days prior, where he and his ally, Miles "Tails" Prower, defeated Ixis Naugus once and for all with the help of Nate Morgan and his Snow Bot named Eddy. Though Naugus has been defeated once and for all, Eddy regrettably paid the ultimate price. His home on the Southern Continent in ruins, Nate Morgan has made the choice return with Sonic and Tails to Mobotropolis and aid in the city's reconstruction.

But they are just short of their homeland. Their bi-plane's Ring power supply is low, thus requiring this pit-stop in the jungle. This lost temple contains a replacement power source, but first Sonic must infiltrate it. As he takes his first steps inside, he is greeted by a trap of gunfire. He ducks to survive, crawling forward. The gunfire ceases, he stands up and takes one step forward, only to trigger a lava pit trap. With the help of a bull whip, he saves himself in the nick of time.

As events below heat up for Sonic, high above him in space is another dormant satellite. First it shows signs of life, then from deep inside, a robotic voice utters "T-Sat Unit back online. Commencing system location of target. Target acquired, system locked, and beginning activation... NOW!"

Back on the ground, what at first appeared to be statues outside the temple begin to move. Inside, Sonic is taking a moment to recover from his close call with the lava pit. He enters the inner chamber and sees his prize: The Ring of Acorns. Sonic steps up, pulls the depleted power ring out form his backpack, and swaps one ring for the other. He begins to walk out, satisfied with himself.

Then he notices the walls are closing in around him. Then he realizes that the walls are in face a giant, mutant snake! With a few deft moves, Sonic tricks the snake into tying itself into a knot. He walks out, once again satisfied with himself... Until he hears something behind him. Turns out that the knotted snake is now rolling his way, all boulder-like! He runs for his life, but back at the temple entrance, he sees Robians! They were the statues outside! With no way to go but down, he goes into a spin and digs into the dirt, allowing the giant snake to bowl the Robians over. He emerges just outside, where even more Robians give him chase.

Back aboard the bi-plane, Tails and Nate Morgan wait patiently for their friend's return. Tails asks Nate, if he was the one who put the Ring of Acorns in the temple years ago, what was originally there that the ring replaced? Nate says that it was a Super Chaos Emerald which he in turn used to forge all those rings in the stockpile he had in his home. Sonic speeds towards them, tossing his prize Tails' way. The Robians continue their chase, they have to be airborne, pronto! But just as Sonic hops in his pilot's seat, he notices several snakes slithering on the floor. He tosses them aside, and they jet away to safety.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters: Lupe and the Wolf Pack Part 1: Shadows in the Dark

Just outside Mobotropolis, Lupe Wolf is packing up to leave. Sally Acorn enters her tent, making one more effort to convince her wolf friend to stay. With Leeta and Lyco finding her after all these years, Lupe is convinced that there must be other surviving wolf pack members that she needs to set out and find. With Robotnik defeated, the wolves are free to reunite without fear. So with a final hug, the two companions say goodbye. Sally rejoins Bunnie Rabbot to plan for Sonic's 16th birthday party, which she is convinced he will be back for.

As sight of the city fades in the distance, one of the wolf pack members remarks how thankful he is to be away from "That sewer", questioning why the Mobians would even want to stay in such a decrepit place. Lupe tells him that to Sally and her citizens, that city is their home, the place where they enjoyed their happiest moments.

She goes into a flashback, remembering her husband Lobo and her cubs. They hid in the Great Canyon for years, until conflict forced them out. Lobo took the cubs to safety, while Lupe led the charge against the threats against them. That's when they first came upon Sonic, Sally and the rest of the Freedom Fighters, and an alliance was forged. With the war against Robotnik over, she longs to rejoin her family. They come to a raging river that's stopping their onward quest. But they are prepared for such an obstacle. They inflate a raft, and continue across, coming to a ruined city on the other side.

Other features

  • Find Your Name in Print
  • Sonic Fan Art
  • Sonic-Grams
    • Changes to the cover dress on all Sonic titles are announced.
    • SegaCon, a Sega fan convention that took place December 5 & 6, 1998, that took place in Wilmington, North Carolina, is advertised.
    • Previews for next month's Sonic and Knuckles books are now listed under the header "Coming Attractions."
  • Pro Art

Off Panel

Justin Gabrie's secretary lets him know that Sonic the Hedgehog is outside wanting to see him. Gabrie tells them to let him in, the editor wondering what Sonic thought of the recent Sonic/Image crossover. Sonic enters, now looking like a buffed out stereotypical Image superhero from the 90's, much to Justin's chagrin.

Production credits

"Tomb Raider"
"Tales Of The Freedom Fighters: Lupe and the Wolf Pack Part 1: Shadows in the Dark"
Off Panel
Sonic #14 unused cover
Cover and staff
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