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Sonic the Hedgehog #010
"Freeze Frame!"
Cover date: May 1994
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1994-02-14[1] $1.25 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #10 is the tenth issue of the ongoing Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. It is the first issue to feature the work of artist Art Mawhinney, who was also working on the Saturday morning Sonic the Hedgehog television series at the time. The story "Revenge of the Nerbs!" also features a brief cameo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which had a comic book being published under the "Archie Adventure Series" banner at the time.

The issue would be reprinted in Sonic the Hedgehog Archives Volume 3 and Sonic Legacy Series Book 1. The story "Revenge of the Nerbs" was also reprinted in Sonic Super Digest #7, while "Twan With the Wind" was reprinted in Sonic Super Digest #8.

Official solicitation


Revenge of the Nerbs!

The Freedom Fighters are out on a mission to find an electricity source for Knothole Village, with Sonic the Hedgehog out in a field locating land mines. Despite the danger, Sonic is too fast for them, causing them to detonate after he has hit them, worrying Sally Acorn who is watching aside. Once Sonic finishes his work, he walks up to the rest of the Freedom Fighters, telling Rotor (with a shovel) that he can start digging. He starts to do so, hoping he can find an electric cable. Antoine is aside, and worrying, as they are on the outskirts of Robotropolis for this mission. Rotor successfully finds some cable, but finds two that look the exact same, one of which could activate a land mine. He tells everybody to stand back and takes a chance, cutting one of the wires. Nothing happens initially, until a large force field surrounds the whole group.

With the Freedom Fighters stuck in a forcefield, a whole group of Swatbots march toward the group. Suddenly, a nerdish uptight mole-like animal appears from the ground in the forcefield, scaring Tails. He introduces himself as a Nerb. As the group goes to enter the hole, the Nerb tells them that they can't enter without his king's authorization. Working under the aspect of life-or-death, the group rushes the Nerb and enters anyway. The group eventually reaches the underground Nerb neighbourhood and meet their king, with the Nerb apologizing. The king describes his society to the Freedom Fighters, that they are a peaceful race that doesn't mix with outsiders. However, the one Nerb who came to the surface had gone to check who was disrupting their neighbourhood's air vents and water supply. Sonic tells them that it's Robotnik's fault and asks to join forces to defeat him once and for all. The king, on the other hand, keeps his stance on outsiders and orders the Nerb to escort them to the surface. The Freedom Fighters decide to escort themselves out.

Travelling out of the tunnels alone doesn't prove to be a good idea, as, after hours of walking, they can't find the exit to the surface. They arrive at a metal door with the label 'M.S.S.' on it. Sonic, knowing what it is, spindashes into it, causing it to open. The door leads to the Mobius Sewer System, releasing a rancid odor into the area. As Sonic used to play in the abandoned sewer as a kid, he knew that they lead to the surface. As they look in, they hear many mechanical noises from the other side. Sonic runs in to check out what's up.

He arrives at the end, and peeks out, finding Robotnik, in a large mechanical monster with an excavator and shovel, and other Swatbots, digging up the cavern. He looks over to notice 3 Nerbs caught in one of Robotnik's force fields, calling out for help. Robotnik takes notice of Sonic and launches the drill at him, missing. Sonic runs aside and tells Robotnik he'll stay still to make him easier to hit. As the drill swoops at Sonic, he moves aside just before it hits him, and hits the forcefield holding the Nerbs, destroying it and the drill. Sonic tells the Nerbs to come with him to escape, but as the Nerbs dislike outsiders, they decline the help. Sonic pushes them into a cart and forces them to go, as Robotnik starts to chase them with his machine. They enter the sewer and arrive back at the end of the sewer with the other Freedom Fighters. He orders them to send the Nerbs back to their home and shut the sewer door. He runs back into the sewer before the others can react, hoping he remembers his way around the sewer.

Sonic navigates around the confusing sewer, but eventually makes it to his ultimate location: a sealed door leading to the Mobius River. Using all his strength, he spindashes through the door, breaking it open and letting water rush into the sewer. He runs, attempting to keep ahead of the massive wave of water. He continues running, realizing he can't remember the exit. He decides the only way out is with a Supersonic Spin. He starts spinning like a tornado and crashes into the roof above him, successfully making it through the ground and onto the surface, followed by a geyser of water. He wonders where the rest of the water is going to go, just as he looks over and sees a huge geyser lift all of Robotropolis off the ground. He hears another rumble and notices another geyser about to blow, so he hides behind a small hill. The geyser erupts, launching Robotnik into the air, on top of his broken excavator.

In the Nerb city, the king recognizes Sonic and the Freedom Fighter's help against Robotnik's efforts, making them honorary Nerbs, and are entitled to wear the Nerb traditional costume: elf hats with nerd-like shirts.

Twan with the Wind

The Freedom Fighters are in Antoine's hot air balloon, looking for a place to set up for their annual Freedom Fighters picnic. Antoine starts to brag about hot air balloons, and how they can help with the fight against Robotnik. Nearby, two Buzzbombers notice the balloon, and dive bomb, poking holes in it and sending the balloon into a tumble. It crashes into a tree, leaving the Freedom Fighters dazed. The Buzzbomber goes over to them and brags, then flies off with its partner. The Freedom Fighters start pounding on Antoine for the balloon's failure, but Antoine believes it can still work; until the rest of the balloon falls on the group.

In Robotropolis, in Robotnik's lair, the Buzzbombers report on their status, but failure to capture the Freedom Fighters. Robotnik demands to know what the Freedom Fighters were doing, but the Buzzbombers are unable to answer. Snively walks in, answering the question, telling Robotnik that they were planning a picnic. Robotnik decides that they should invite themselves, and provide the antics.

The next day, the Freedom Fighters have found a location for their picnic at Mobius Pond. Tails walks over to Antoine, who is upset about the events of the previous day. He wants to prove that he, and the balloon, are not useless. He walks off, insistent to repair the balloon and give it another try. At the picnic, everything is set up except for the 'instant' potatoes, which Sonic grabs instantly from Knothole. Just as he arrives, a Buzzbomber does as well, hitting the bowl of potatoes and launching them onto Sonic's head. Rotor looks over his shoulder as Robotnik, on a robotic rhino, with a squadron of Swatbots march toward them. Before they run away, Antoine arrives in his repaired balloon. The two Buzzbombers head over to it to pop it again, but are thwarted by Antoine, who throws mud on them, causing them to crash into the ground. He then takes the sandbags from the side of the basket, which he filled with explosives, and drops them on the Swatbots. Robotnik watches on as the Swatbots retreat in fear from the explosives. Antoine then drops the balloon down and grabs Robotnik by his cape. Robotnik orders his cape to be unhanded, which Antoine gladly does, from a high distance in the air. As Robotnik falls into the water, the Freedom Fighters celebrate their victory.

Later, the Freedom Fighters take to the sky in the balloon again, but the burner fails. Sonic tells Tails to relax, saying that, with Antoine's talking, they'll never run out of hot air.

Other features

  • Sonic-Grams
  • Sonic Art - The first showcase of fan art in the series.

Production credits

Revenge of the Nerbs!
Twan with the Wind
  • Script: Angelo Decesare
  • Art: Art Mawhinney
  • Letters: Bill Yoshida
  • Colors & production: Barry Grossman
Cover and staff
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