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Sonic Boom
Publisher: Archie Comics
Country of origin: United States
First issue date: 2014-10
Last issue date: 2015-09
Number of issues: 11
Frequency: Monthly
Price: $3.99
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Sonic Boom was a monthly comic book series tied into the Sonic Boom sub-franchise produced by Archie Comics between October 2014 and September 2015. 11 issues were published in the United States before the series was merged into Archie's other Sonic publications.


The Sonic Boom comic series was written by Ian Flynn and Aleah Baker for the first four issues. Starting with issue five, the TV Series writers Bill Freiberger, Sam Sandak Freiberger, Greg Hahn and Alan Denton joined the book's creative team.[1][2] The comic series shortly ended after the crossover event "Worlds Unite", but during the event the editor Vincent Lovallo showed Bill Freiberger what Ian Flynn was doing, which impressed him, so he got to work the second season of the Sonic Boom (TV series) after that.[3]

Back issues

SonicBoom Archie US 01.jpg
Issue 01
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Issue 02
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Issue 03
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Issue 04
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Issue 05
SonicBoom Archie US 06.jpg
Issue 06
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Issue 07
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Issue 08
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Issue 09
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Issue 10
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Issue 11


Sonic Boom (Archie comics)
SonicBoom Archie US 01.jpg

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