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Sonic Super Special Magazine #3
"Sonic Super Special"
Writer: Ian Flynn, Michael Gallagher (reprinted material)
Cover artist: Ben Bates
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2012-04-25[1] $9.99 ?
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Sonic Super Special Magazine 3 was the third issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine published by Archie Comics. This was the first issue of the magazine to feature an entirely new story, used to advertise the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. This was also the first issue to not repurpose older artwork for its cover.

Official Solicitation

SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE is back and better than ever! The first Sonic comic magazine in Archie history, already packed with over 100 pages of comics, news, and features, will also feature a BRAND-NEW Sonic Video-Game story! Sega's hottest new game is getting the comic book treatment, and it's ONLY available in this deluxe, magazine-sized, quarterly collection! Also featured is the dramatic return of Dr. Eggman, the birth of New Mobotropolis and the new SONIC TIME LINE, which features more new art from fan-favorite artists Jamal Peppers and Tracy Yardley!


  • Time for a Comeback
    • Within the In Another Time, In Another Place timeline, Sonic has defeated Dr. Eggman aboard the E.G.G. Station during the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I. Sonic manages to escape from the space station and returns to Earth where he meets up with Tails. Tails tells Sonic that Little Planet is about to make its annual return. Sonic has a quick flashback to the events of Sonic CD to when he first arrived there and how he battled Metal Sonic and met (and rescued) Amy Rose for the first time. Sonic and Tails decide to head to Little Planet, but unbeknownst to them, Eggman is already planning to exact his revenge on Sonic, by reviving Sonic's only rival in speed, Metal Sonic.

Reprinted stories

  • Go Ahead, Mecha My Day - Sonic the Hedgehog 025 (Archie)
    • A tie-in adaption to Sonic CD, Dr. Robotnik wants to lure Sonic into the Collision Chaos Zone. To achieve this, he steals Sonic's fan mail and discovers the location of his supposed number one fan, Amy Rose, and kidnaps her. The Freedom Fighters discover this portal, but while Tails is investigating, he gets captured as well. Sonic goes into the zone to discover Robotnik has built a metal variant of Sonic, aptly named Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic challenges him to a race, to which he accepts. While the both seem neck and neck, Sonic ends up causing Metal to melt due to him not being built with the proper heat resistant material. Meanwhile, Robotnik has set up a crusher at the finish line to crush Sonic once he reaches it, but it doesn't quite work the way he plans, and Sonic, with the reader's help, end up crushing Robotnik while he's examining the machine.
  • Reigning Cats and Dogs - Part One - Sonic the Hedgehog 213 (Archie)
    • Sonic and Princess Sally head south to become honorary members of the new Wolf Pack Nation. But unfortunately, when they arrive, Big the Cat comes to the area to tell them that the Ancient Onyx, a relic of the rival Felidae clan, is missing. This puts both clans in a frenzy, putting blame on this and past conflicts on one another. Despite Sonic offering to help look for it for the Felidae to avoid any more conflict, the Wolf Pack Nation end up escalating the situation.
  • Reigning Cats and Dogs - Part Two - Sonic the Hedgehog 214 (Archie)
    • Grandmasters Drago and Razorklaw having kidnapped Sally after she went to investigate who could have been at fault. Sonic gets left to deal with the two clan leaders threatening to go to war with one another. It turns out that a lot of the issues both clans face are due to Dark Egg Legionnaires, including Drago and Razorklaw. They reveal to Sally that they teamed up to steal the Ancient Onyx and get the clans to fight one another. Sonic eventually convinces the clans to come with him to an area that neither pack lived in, finding Sally and her kidnappers there. Sonic, Sally, Big, and the clans battle, and defeat, the Dark Egg Legionnaires, retrieving the Ancient Onyx and agreeing to attempt a peaceful reconciliation, despite past transgressions.
  • Cracking the Empire - Sonic the Hedgehog 176 (Archie)
    • Dr. Eggman managed to finally beat Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, having not only completely destroying Knothole, but also kidnapping most of their friends and families. Sonic and Tails return to the ruins of Freedom HG, with Amy and Knuckles asking what happened. Sonic tells them to stay put, but Tails lashes out at him, telling him that he needs them. Before the argument gets any worse, Nicole interrupts them to give them a plan. Meanwhile, Eggman has everyone held captive in his Egg Vineyard full of Egg Grapes, taunting the many groups he has. He then decides to demonstrate the power of his Egg Grapes that everyone is held captive in. He uses it on Charmy Bee as soon as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy break in on a repaired HQ aircraft. They break everyone out while telling Eggman and Snively to get a head start on an escape. They make sure Charmy is fairly stable before they go about their plan. Eggman appears in his battle suit and starts attempting to teleport the escaped victims back into the reserve grapes, with Sonic assuring Sally that this is a part of the plan. After everyone is teleported, it's revealed that Nicole hacked into Eggman's teleporter system to change their destination to a digital, yet physical creation of Nicole's, New Mobotropolis. Sally thanks Nicole for the help, but their thanks is short lived, as an Egg Fleet starts to loom over the new city.

Other features

  • News Flash: Latest news from the world of Sonic
  • Interview with Sonic comic artist, Ben Bates
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II Primer
  • What's What - The Time Stones & Little Planet
  • The Mobius Timeline - Part 3

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