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Sonic Super Special Magazine #1
"Sonic Super Special"
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2011-11-02[1] $9.99 ?
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Sonic Super Special Magazine 1 was the first issue of the Sonic Super Special Magazine (named after the Sonic Super Special series of Sonic comics from 1996-2000) published by Archie Comics, released to coincide with the Sonic series' 20th anniversary. The magazine was primarily used to catch readers up on previous events by reprinting older stories from the comic's history, while also using it as a way to advertise upcoming releases.

Official Solicitation

Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th Anniversary celebration kicks into high gear this fall with the all-new SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE! Get your need-for-speed on with non-stop action and tons of heroes and villains from the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG games and cartoons! This magazine-sized, quarterly collection takes new readers on a journey into GENESIS, a bombastic birthday bash with Shadow the Hedgehog, and the incredible assault on Eggman's Empire! Sonic super-fans will also be treated with part one of the SONIC TIME LINE, featuring new art from fan-favorite artist Jamal Peppers, as well as tons of bonus features!


  • Sonic: Genesis - Part One: In the Beginning... - Sonic the Hedgehog 226 (Archie)
    • Sonic wakes up in a world completely changed by Dr. Robotnik's Genesis Wave from the previous issue. Sonic's memories have been completely rewritten, having no recollection of his true previous adventures, instead believing he is from this 16-bit inspired Mobius.
  • Birthday Bash - Part One: Giving and Receiving - Sonic the Hedgehog 160 (Archie)
    • It's Sonic's birthday, but even a hero can't take a rest, as Bark and Bean crash the party on Eggman's orders. Sonic and surprise guest Shadow team up to beat the two party crashers. Meanwhile, both Rogue and Evil Sonic both have their eyes set on stealing the Master Emerald. However, a quick battle ends up with Evil Sonic sporting a whole new look and powers, stronger than before.
  • Birthday Bash - Part Two: Birthday Boys - Sonic the Hedgehog 161 (Archie)
    • Rouge and Evil Sonic, who now takes up the name Scourge, decides to pay Sonic a little visit to exact revenge on him for previous defeats. Battling with Sonic, the Freedom Fighters, and Shadow until they end up unintentionally escaping into Dr. Finitevus's place.
  • Knocking on Eggman's Door - Sonic the Hedgehog 199 (Archie)
    • Sonic, the Freedom Fighters, and the Chaotix work together, hoping to finally take down Dr. Eggman and his Eggman Empire once and for all. However, Snively and the Dark Egg Legion seem to have other plans in mind.
  • Turnabout is Fair Play - Sonic the Hedgehog 200 (Archie)
    • Sonic and Dr. Robotnik have had "final" duals before, but the both of them planned on making this their final bout with one another. With Sonic once again coming out victorious, the doctor goes into a mad frenzy. Snively tells Sonic and crew that after years of defeats, Robotnik's failures have caught up to him mentally. The Freedom Fighters leave, believing that the war is finally over, but it would appear that the Dark Egg Legion has only transferred power...

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Sonic Super Special Magazine
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