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Sonic Boom (Archie comics) #11
"Sonic Boom"
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2015-09-02[1] $3.99[1] ?
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Sonic Boom #11 is the eleventh issue of the Sonic Boom comic series by Archie Comics. This is the final issue of the series before it was merged into other Archie Sonic publications.

Official solicitation

Follow up after the “WORLDS UNITE” crossover with a BOOM in this EXPLOSIVE eleventh issue! “Eggman Gets a Gorilla”: When Dr. Eggman’s regular robotic enforcers just can’t cut the mustard, he hires some additional help! (Because, seriously, how hard is it to cut mustard?) Introducing the mighty, Kyle the Gorilla! Is he really the next APE wonder of the world? Or will Sonic get yet another reason to point and laugh? You’ll be pointing and laughing too-but in a good way! Featuring cover art by rising star Diana Skelly plus a “BOOMTASTIC” variant with art provided by SEGA![1]


Eggman Gets a Gorilla

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