Sonic Universe Book Five: The Tails Adventure

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The Tails Adventure
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Type: Trade paperback
Page count: 104[1]
ISBN-10: 1936975491[1]
ISBN-13: 978-1936975495[1]
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2013-05-22[2] $11.99 ?
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Sonic Universe Book Five: The Tails Adventure, also known as Sonic Universe Volume 5: The Tails Adventure[3] is the fifth volume in the line of Sonic Universe trade paperbacks from Archie Comics. It collects issues #17 through #20 of Sonic Universe plus bonus material.

Official solicitation

The most successful Sonic Graphic Novel series continues strong as Sonic’s famous sidekick – Miles “Tails” Prower – takes off in his own adventure! Tails and his friends Antoine and Bunnie take a well-earned vacation to the remote Cocoa Island. But not everything is what it seems! Hidden within their camouflaged fortress, the Battle Bird Armada makes their villainous debut! The angry avians lash out, and it’s up to Tails to save the day! Can one little fox take on an entire armada on his own? Maybe with his latest creation – T-Pup – at his side! SONIC UNIVERSE VOL. 5 collects the entire “Trouble in Paradise” storyline from Sonic Universe #17-20 plus exclusive special features![3]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: No Rest For the Weary

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Chapter 2: The Honeymoon's Over

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Chapter 3: Undercover

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Chapter 4: Stuff of Heroes

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Off Panel

Reprints of the four Off Panel strips originally published in Sonic Universe issues #17 through #20.

Special Features

The special features included are:

  • Original cover concepts for issues #18 and #20 by Tracey Yardley.
  • Cover lineart for issues #17, #18, and #20 by Tracey Yardley.
  • Original flat colors for issue #19 by Ben Hunkezer.
  • Inked versions for the covers of issues #17 through #20
  • Pencils for pages 8 through 11 of Sonic Universe #18
  • Pencils for pages 17 through 20 of Sonic Universe #19
  • Concept art of Great Battle Kukku XV and the Battlebird Armada by Jon Gray.
  • Concept art of the Battle Kukkus by Tracy Yardley.


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Production credits

The Tails Adventure
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Off Panel
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Archie Comics Publications, Inc.
  • Publisher/Co-CEO: Jonathan Goldwater
  • Co-CEO: Nancy Silberkleit
  • President: Mike Pellerito
  • Co-President/Editor-in-Chief: Victor Gorelick
  • CFO: William Mooar
  • Senior Vice President Sales and Business Development: Jim Sokolowski
  • Senior Vice President Publishing and Operations: Harold Buchholz
  • Vice President of Special Projects: Steve Mooar
  • Executive Director of Editorial/Compilation Editor: Paul Kaminski
  • Assistant Editor: Vincent Lovallo
  • Production Manager: Stephen Oswald
  • Director of Publicity and Marketing: Steven Scott
  • Proofreader: Jonathan Mosley
  • Design Intern: Elizabeth Borgatti
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