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Sonic the Hedgehog #008
"Sonic the Hedgehog"
Writer: Michael Gallagher
Pencils: Dave Manak, Jon D'Agostino, Bill Yoshida, Barry Grossman, Victor Gorelick, Paul Castiglia
Cover artist: Dave Manak, Jon D'Agostino
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1994-03 $1.25 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #8 is the eight issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. It was released in March 1994.

This comic features two stories: 'Bot's All Folks! and A Little Sonic Goes a Long Way.

'Bot's All Folks!

Dr. Robotnik is reading a pollution index form when a Swatbot enters, holding Crabmeat and, against Robotnik's rules, a number of his Sonic the Hedgehog comic books. For punishment, Robotnik takes Crabmeat to the spare part separator. Crabmeat, in desperation, states that he had the comic books to help Robotnik, thinking that he could use super-powered robots to destroy Sonic and the others. The Swatbot, eager to see Crabmeat separated, urges Robotnik to throw it in. Robotnik then realizes, with Crabmeat's idea, that he would need many spare parts, so he throws both Crabmeat and the Swatbot into the machine.

A few days later, on the edge of the Great Forest, Robotnik and a Swatbot are commemorating the start of a new toxic dump. Before he can complete his speech, Sonic rushes in, knocking Robotnik over. While Sonic gloats, Robotnik brings out a flashlight and shines a Robotnik signal into the air to bring some needed help: Botman, a humanoid caped robot. It drops down from the sky and kicks Sonic aside. Sonic rushes at Botman at super speed, only to be reflected by the armor of its stomach. As Sonic quivers on the ground in defeat, Robotnik walks over and gloats himself, with a Swatbot taping the whole thing. Sonic, meanwhile, gets up and enters into a spindash, having played possum, and jumps at Botman. The two fight, only to have Botman triumph, standing over a down-and-out Sonic, with the rest of the Freedom Fighters watching on TV.

As Robotnik celebrates, a Crabmeat discovers a pile of robot parts nearby. Robotnik walks over and notices they are the parts he used to build Botman. Suddenly, the other Botman topples over and breaks apart: pushed by Sonic. During the earlier fight, he took the husk of Botman and posed him to drive Robotnik nuts. Robotnik reacts in anger, but has another trick up his sleeve. He brings out Crabmeat's box of comic books for inspiration. A truck arrives, in it is another super-powered robot Robotnik ordered. He shows Sonic an issue of Wolverine as a Swatbot opens the truck, revealing an order mistake: the Wolvurkel bot. A Steve Urkel-look alike dances out of the truck causing Sonic to laugh. As Robotnik crushes Crabmeat in anger, Sonic looks at the bot, thinking it sounds familiar. Robotnik, meanwhile, goes through the comic books to find more inspiration.

From the other side of the Great Forest, the Spawnmower appears, a large lawnmower with the body of Spawn. It starts cutting down the Great Forest with ease. However, the Spawnmower stops every few frames to pose for the viewers, so Sonic takes this opportunity yank it's wires and shut it down. He then pushes it off a cliff, destroying it. Robotnik sends out yet another robot, the Magbot, the Freedom Fighter Fighter, a valiant bot. Sonic takes it down with ease. Another robot is sent out, Captain Marbot, a caped hero. Sonic destroys it as well. A tired Robotnik sends out his last robot, a muscular caped rat called Mighty 'Bot. Like the others, Sonic destroys it. A top a huge pile of scrap robot parts, Sonic states he's going to smash Robotnik, only to slip on a puddle of oil on the ground. Robotnik uses this opportunity to run away. On the ground, Sonic reads a comic book, realizing that the bad guy always gets away at the end.

In Knothole Village, the Freedom Fighters toast Sonic for a job well done.

A Little Sonic Goes a Long Way

Sonic is playing with a guitar on the top of a hill, then running down the hill, faster than the sound of the guitar. He, along with Tails, joins the rest of the Freedom Fighters. They discuss Robotnik's ban on music. Rotor Walrus asks Sonic to play some more guitar, so he does so on top of a tree trunk for the group. The sound of the guitar flows all the way to Robotropolis, right into the ear of Robotnik. The sound causes him to yelp in pain as Snively arrives, announcing he's made a discovery, bringing in a device. Rather than listen to Snively, Robotnik grabs him and suspends him out of his window, angry at the illegal music. Then, while still being suspended out the window, Snively shows his device: a device that reduces the size of things, but it only lasts for one hour. Ignoring the warning, Robotnik, still holding onto Snively, walks away to create his next plan. He walks over to the Freedom Fighter finder (a large screen). While planning, Snively starts humming. Robotnik hears this and starts chasing him, threatening to use the device on him.

Later that day, Sonic shows the other Freedom Fighters where he found his guitar: at the run-down Mobius concert hall. The group runs toward the hall to make a quick grab of instruments before they are caught. They enter the hall, only to find that it has been trashed, the beautiful facade has been ruined and many things are broken. Suddenly, the group is engulfed in a large electrical field. Robotnik appears from the shadows, as the group shrinks in front of his eyes. Now shrunk, Robotnik takes his roboticizing vehicle and tries to suck them in. The group holds onto a carpet for their lives, except for Sonic, for whom the rest of the group tell to run away. Rather than focusing on the group, Robotnik turns his machine on Sonic, who ends up running into a cardboard box. He does a spindash and carves a hole in the box. The vacuum of the roboticizer sucks out the contents of the box, concert programs, that clog the machine. The Freedom Fighters take this opportunity to run away and hide further in the hall.

The Freedom Fighters hide in the seats in the hall, as Sally has difficulty finding Sonic, who is in the aisle, taunting Robotnik. Sonic starts running up the aisle, with Robotnik in pursuit, easily staying ahead of the vacuum. He jumps on the stage, causing Robotnik to lose sight of him. He crashes into the stage with the vehicle, in a mess of instruments and machinery. Although Sonic reacts in triumph, Robotnik has another trick up his sleeve, bringing out a portable roboticizer. He takes Sonic by surprise and sucks him up with it successfully. He goes to activate it, only to have it shot out of his hand. He looks around in surprise, finding the other Freedom Fighters using a string bass as a crossbow. While avoiding the attacks, he ends up falling over and landing on his head. He gets up and stomps toward the group, only to realize the hour-long shrink effect has ended, with the group turning back to normal. They look over at the roboticizer, where Sonic is still trapped, only to watch as Sonic explodes out of it from growing.

Now back to normal size and outnumbering Robotnik, the Freedom Fighters tell Robotnik to leave the hall. Instead, he presses a button his wrist that alerts his badniks to surround the building. As Robotnik laughs, Sonic appears with his guitar, freaking him out. The rest of the group take up different instruments and start playing, making Robotnik go nuts and run out of the hall. As he runs out, Sonic realizes that the Badniks will still surround the building. Meanwhile, Rotor finds the shrinking device Robotnik used earlier, giving Sonic a plan.

Later in Robotropolis, Robotnik yells at Snively, ordering him to get rid of his office full of miniaturized badniks.

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  • This is the first issue of the series to not have a featurette.
  • One of the notes in the Sonic Grams segment mistakenly mentions that Sonic Spinball was released on Mega-CD.



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