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Sonic the Hedgehog #065
"Sonic the Hedgehog"
Writer: Karl Bollers (1) Ken Penders (2)
Pencils: Steven Butler, Art Mawhinney, Pam Ecklund, Jeff Powell, Ken Penders, Justin Gabrie, and Victor Gorelick
Cover artist: Patrick Spaziante, Harvo
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1998-09-23[1] $1.75 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #65 is the sixty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by Archie Comics.

This issue contains two stories, the first story, "The Naugus Trilogy - Part II - The Fellowship Of The Rings..." and the second story, "Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - The Library".

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"The Naugus Trilogy - Part II - The Fellowship Of The Rings..."

Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Nate Morgan and Eddie the Snow Bot stand together aghast at what they see before them: Ixis Naugus. Sonic hoped that the avalanche had buried the evil sorcerer for good. No such luck, for the creature can manipulate the elements... A ton of snow is no threat to his mortality. Naugus gives Sonic and Tails one last chance to leave the fortress peacefully with their lives, leaving Naugus to his business with Nate Morgan.

Morgan blares out that Naugus is in no position to grant anything to anyone, not until he's brought trouble to the old man's doorstep. Naugus claims that he was not brought inside willingly; he was sucked into the Snow Bot's cybernetic arm. Morgan knows this is a bald-faced lie, recognizing that the sorcerer used his pet as a means of sneaking inside the fortress, which is fortified specifically against Naugus' magic.

Sonic, Tails and the Snow Bot spring to attack, only to be brought down swiftly as Naugus effortlessly sucks the oxygen from the air around the trio, suffocating them. Nate Morgan knows there is not much time to act. He pulls a Power Ring from his coat pocket. This gains Naugus' attention. Morgan then tosses the ring through a stained glass window, outside into the blizzard. Naugus lunges at it, without hesitation.

Sonic, Tails and the Snow Bot recover, as the ring is revealed to be a mere hologram. Nate Morgan takes the opportunity to properly introduce himself as Nathaniel Beauragard Morgan, he deducts that the hedgehog before him is a bit too on the brash side to be Jules Hedgehog. Sonic telle him that he is in fact that particular's son, introducing himself as Sonic, and his friend Tails. Now that the threat of Ixis Naugus has been dealt with for now, Sonic is eager for the old man to give him some answers. So Nate Morgan opts to tell his sorrowful tale.

A very long time ago, Nate Morgan was a simple geophysicist heading an underground team of scientists in the Overlander capital city. Their secret project, requiring their attention every night and day, was the creation of a revolutionary new energy source: Power Rings. The project seemed ready for field testing, but Nate Morgan was still reluctant. A young assistant, Julian Kintobor of The House of Ivo, urged him to seize the day. Regrettably, he did. He was arrested by the authorities and charged with sedition, negligence, endangering lives and noise pollution, among others.

The punishment was exile. He'd resolved himself to the fate of getting killed by the animal Mobians, but to his pleasant surprise, the Mobian he stumbled across, King Frederic Acorn offered friendship. Mobotropolis was a pre-industrial city in that time, the Mobian philosophy being the preservation of nature. Finding himself happy with his new circumstances, he began his life anew as an honored member of the Royal Court, and resurrected his Power Ring project with a new vigor. Now that he had access to a Chaos Emerald, his project soon found success. With the rings providing a near-limitless energy source, the city was transformed from a pre-industrial state to a technological utopia. Nate Morgan was hailed as a hero of the people. He watched with pride as the baby he once bounced on his knees, Maxamillian Acorn ascended to the throne. He passed on his knowledge of ring technology to the next generation of Mobian scientists, most prominently Jules and Uncle Chuck. For a time all seemed well in his life.

But other Royal Advisers felt threatened by Nate Morgan's presence. Namely, Ixis Naugus and Warlord Kodos. They hatched a conspiracy that set up a confrontation between a group of lost Overlander ground troops and a small survey team that featured Kodos and Morgan. The carnage was seen all the way from Mobotropolis. In the aftermath, an "injured" Knodos told King Max that it was Morgan who revealed the location of the burgeoning kingdom to the Overlanders, whom Kodos added, launched an attack. Naugus was quick to back up the claim. With the two providing a case against him that he knew he would likely lose, the aging scientist chose to exile himself.

While in the depths of the Great Forest, Nate Morgan fell into a cavern that lied below the Forest. He pulled himself out, leaving a knotholed tree-stump entrance as his mark. He continued on. He hid his Power Ring technology in a nearby pond, ensuring that creatures such as Naugus and Kodos could never acquire it. He continued. Years dragged. Now traversing the southern continent, he trudged through the snow, numb to everything but the cries of a hapless snow beast buried in an avalanche. He rescued it, and decided it was the spot on which he would build his final home.

Sonic is impressed. Nate Morgan is the answer to a load of questions Sonic and his colleagues have been pondering for years. But the question remains: Naugus removed Morgan from the picture years ago. Why is he gunning for again, in the now? Nate Morgan escorts him to a door, and opens it. Inside contains the answer: Hundreds, maybe even thousands of Power Rings.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - The Library

Not far from what used to be Robotnik's command center, Amy Rose and Dulcy the Dragon are have a look inside an old building. It seems, Amy has found something of great interest, and she races outside to show her dragon friend. It's a book about the legendary Mobotropolis storyteller named Kirby. The book claims that all of Kirby's stories were donated to the Mobotropolis library for posterity. Dulcy's concerned that this library is in ruins, just as much of the rest of Mobotropolis is. Eager to rediscover one of the city's great lost treasures, Amy hops on the dragon's back and they take off.

They arrive at the library, crumbling but it survived. The inside is huge, large enough to fit Dulcy, and filled to the brim with books. Just as they browse the book shelf, a noise startles them. They make a hasty retreat, vowing to return soon bringing somebody back.

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  • Nate Morgan began his conception as a SatAM character. In Archie he is introduced as an elderly, short, bespectacled black geophysician with a straight cane and a pet snow beast who once served as the King's top scientist and true creator of Power Rings. The SatAM version, as presented in the series bible on page 14, describes him as a wizard-like figure; a tall, ancient black man with a toothy smile, and a gnarled cane that once served as the King's environmental advisor. Ultimately, the SatAM version of the character did not appear in the series proper. He remains an Archie-exclusive character.



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