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Sonic the Hedgehog #076
"Sonic the Hedgehog"
Writer: Karl Bollers Ken Penders
Pencils: James Fry, Andrew Pepoy, Chris Allen, Jim Amash, J. Freddie Gabrie, Victor Gorelick
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1999-08-18[1] $1.79 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #76 is the seventy-sixth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by Archie Comics.

This comic features two stories, the first story, titles "Business As Usual", and the secondary story titled "Tales of The Great War Part Four: Another Point-of-View.

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Business As Usual

The shuttle that carried the Freedom Fighters to space and back has crash landed on the outskirts of Robotropolis. Hulking Shadowbots inspect the wreckage, demanding the immediate surrender of the occupants inside, only to find its occupants have already fled.

Hiding nearby, the Freedom Fighters, their new cohort Snively, and Sonic's parents contemplate what to do next. Princess Sally and Nicole deduce that the survivors of the citywide raid most likely evacuated to Knothole Village. Snively points out that Knothole offers no sanctuary; Robotnik has its location on file. Sonic is taken aback, believing Robotnik bit the big one with the destruction of his satellite. Snively reminds him that this new Robotnik is roboticized, he has undoubtedly downloaded his memory and being into a new artificial shell. To Sally their next mission is clear: They must prevent Robotnik from accessing the file containing Knothole's location.

Snively wishes them luck as he tries to worm away, but Sonic steps right in front of him. As the fat man's nephew, he would know better than anyone how to access those files. Snively reminds him that he already did them all a favor once when he helped them escape captivity aboard the satellite, but Sonic shakes this off with a "Then we'll owe you one!", taking the opportunity to taunt the little man, reminding Snively that he's a full-fledged traitor now. If he wants to make it out of the city, then he'll need to stick with the hedgehog. Tails, Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine are assigned to escort Sonic's parents to Knothole, while Sonic, Sally and Snively infiltrate Robotnik's HQ.

Back in an overcrowed Knothole Village, the huddled masses turn their attention to King Maximillian Acorn. The King acknowledges that there is limited lodging available, but preference should be given first to the very old, the very young and the very ill. He foresees hard times ahead for all extending sympathy to those who lost loved ones in Robotnik's unexpected return.

An onlooking Elias Acorn whispers to Nate Morgan wondering how his father is maintaining his regal composure in light of the presumed loss of Sally, Sonic, and the rest of the Freedom Fighters. Nate reminds Elias that his father has already endured much during his reign and remains quite capable. Instead it is Nate who laments, as it was his actions which sent the gang right into Robotnik's clutches.

At the base of Robotnik's Headquarters, Sonic, Sally and Snively spot Shadowbots encircling a group of helpless Mobians. Sonic dispatches them with kicks and spin attacks, serving as the distraction while Sally and Snively make their way inside. A visibly agitated Robotnik sends another squad of Shadowbots out to crush the hedgehog. Sonic tells the onlooking Mobians to run for it, as he zooms away in another attempt at distraction.

Inside headquarters, Sally interfaces Nicole with the main computer, but is accosted by a Shadowbot. She screams and kicks in a vain attempt at escape, when suddenly and unexpectedly the Shadowbot shuts down. Snively tells her not to look so surprised, after all, his uncle is not the only technical genius in the family. Sally replies by stating that she's just not used to being helped by someone who has tried to do her in on more than one occasion.

Back outside, Sonic plays cat-an-mouse with the Shadowbot guards. He literally runs circles around them, heating their chassis enough that their feet melt just enough to stick them to the pavement and keep them stuck for hours. He continues on, suddenly spotting a girl trying to get into Robotnik's headquarters. He stops her, asking if she's out of her mind. She tries to get around him insisting she needs to get in. But he can't let her go. She relents, crying that someone she loves has been captured. Sonic empathetically informs her that her loved one has probably already been roboticized, and that going after them would inevitably land her the same fate. She tearfully remarks that he doesn't know how difficult it is, but before she can finish that comment, he indeed does know; his Uncle Chuck and Muttski have both been taken away from him. The girl apologizes.

Sally and Snively come out, it's mission accomplished. Sally asks who the girl is, with Sonic stating simply that "She's a survivor". Sally asks the girl what her name is, and the girl replies that she is Mina Mongoose. Snively parts ways, with Sonic wondering what they'll team up with the little man for next.

As Robotnik watches their exit, he remarks that they are not safe in their woodland hideaway, for he can biomechanically interface with his computer network and download Knothole's location into his memory banks. But before he even finishes gloating, he falls over. The data transfer has been aborted, the files containing Knothole's location has a virus.

Tales of The Great War Part Four: Another Point-of-View

In a lonely corner of the re-christened Robotropolis a patrolling squad of Shadowbots scour the area for Mobian life to capture. They detect nothing and move on, leaving Sonic's Parents, Tails, Bunnie and Antoine in the shadows nearby. Jules Hedgehog notices the Shadowbots are proceeding in the same direction as their planned path of escape, thus they will have to find another route.

Tails exclaims that they can't just leave behind Jeremiah, or the book collection at the library for that matter. Bernadette Hedgehog agrees with the young fox, adding that without their history, their culture and knowledge, they'd be no better than the robots they're hiding from. Jules is unmoved, countering that they can't save a thing if they are captured.

They make their way into the library, finding Jeremiah filing away some books. Tails tells him that they have come to get him out, it won't be too long before the library is discovered and anyone inside roboticized. But Jeremiah can't just leave the books, for they are his grandfather Kirby's legacy. Jules takes a moment to remember how Kirby's stories were an inspiration to him growing up. He pulls a book off the shelf, it's a chronicle of the Great War. His wife encourages him to read a passage.

Jules picks a section that covers the bombardment of Mobotropolis by the Overlander Army, the Mobians taking refuge underground. He switches to first person recollection, where he, his wife and his brother retreat to the underground passages. They navigate their way through the tunnels, the women leading the way. One route leads them behind enemy lines, allowing them to take an Overlander gun battery from behind. Commander Amadeus Prower is wounded in his eye, his injury making the Mobians at last understand that they were facing a struggle for their very existences. The Overlander squad is at last overwhelmed, with their commander, one Colin Kintobor retreating into those same tunnels.

Inside Castle Acorn, the King shows Julian Kintobor a picture of the retreating commander. Julian silently recognizes him. Julian tells the King that the Overlanders will fight either until they have won, or until no one is left alive. Jules closes with a narration stating that "Having painstakingly won over the King's confidence, Julian was presented to the citizenry as the next Warlord. Little did anyone realize at the time we made a deal with the word devil imaginable."

Jules recognizes that these books are truly important treasures. They will take whatever they can now and come back for the rest later.

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  • This is the first regular issue to be drawn by James Fry, who would remain primary penciller until Issue 95.



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