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Sonic the Hedgehog #062
"Sonic the Hedgehog"
Writer: Karl Bollers (1) Ken Penders (2)
Pencils: Steven Butler, Art Mawhinney, Pam Eklund, Jeff Powell, Frank Galiardo, Justin Gabrie, Victor Gorelick
Cover artist: Patrick Spaziante, Harvo
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1998-06-17[1] $1.75 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #62 is the sixty-second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by Archie Comics.

The comic features two stories, the lead story, entitled "Icon", and the secondary, entitled "Tales of the Freedom Fighters - On His Majesty's Secret Service - Part II".

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Over a vast desert, Sonic and Tails' bi-plane begins to sputter out of control. Sonic barely manages to land the plane safely, crashing into a dead tree in the process. Tails congratulates him on the landing, but Sonic is quick to point out that they have no idea where they are, what's wrong with the plane, and what they need to do to fix it. At that moment, they spot a set of vehicles approaching on the horizon. Before Tails can even wonder whether or not they're friendlies, they arrive. An eye-patched rabbit pops out of a tank, commanding the two to hustle into the vehicle. He even knows Sonic by name.

Across the World, inside the fortress prison known as the Devil's Island Gulag, grumbles a captured Snively. He paces around his cell, swearing that his intellect is too superior for him to be kept locked away forever. In a neighboring cell, Drago Wolf mocks him, cackling that Snively should've been a comedian instead of a dictator's flunky. Snively shakes off the insult, still convinced that he will soon escape.

Back in the desert, Sonic and his new colleague, Jack Rabbit, are scrambling to toe the bi-plane and stay ahead of a band of rogue Robians. Sonic wishes to know just how the heck Jack knows him. Jack claims that Sonic's become a local legend. Robotnik's sub-bosses used to control the locale, but once they learned of Dr. Robotnik's ultimate defeat at Sonic's hands, they were inspired. They took to overthrowing the local regime, and their efforts paid off. But some renegade Robians remain, and they stalk Jack and his crew at every turn.

The Robians fire a shot from their eyes towards the travelling party that nearly connects. Sonic exits the tank and initiates a tornado spin, which blows the robots away. Back inside, Tails wonders just why the Robians are being so hostile. After all, when Robotnik was defeated, all the Robians back in Robotropolis regained their free will. These robots, while not looking like they're under anyone's particular control, still seem pretty mindless. Jack replies that it doesn't really matter what their deal is; for Sonic has scrapped them real good. Sonic stands triumphant on top of the tank, about to re-enter it, but when they come upon Jack Rabbit's native city inside its protective force field dome, he is awestruck when he sees it.

Meanwhile, in the depths of space high above Mobius in orbit, lays a dormant satellite. A voice bellows inside: "B-Sat Unit back online. Commencing system location of target. Target acquired, system locked, commencing activation... NOW." The satellite returns to life, panels burst from its side.

Back on the surface, the residents of Sand Blast City are celebrating. Sonic has saved them, and now he's joined them in the party. They escort him on their shoulders to the most important spot in town: A glorious statue of Sonic standing in triumph, waving the flag of Mobius. Sonic is at a loss for words, as Jack pours him a celebratory drink. Jack feels that with the real live Sonic around, they might not need the force field around the city any more.

Back inside the Gulag, Snively confidently files his nails. He gloats of future conquests and accomplishments he can't realistically hope to achieve. An unimpressed Drago Wolf barks that if he really had the skills to break out of prison, he'd have done it already. He dares Snively. So does every other prisoner there. Just as Snively starts to lose face, the electronic security locks fail, and all the cells open...

Back in Sand Blast City, Tails awakens after a long night of partying. Sonic is still very much out of it. So Tails heads for the door, careful not to wake his companion, but finds the door is locked. He sees that above him the skylight window is open, and flies out.

On the outskirts of the city, Jack and his cohorts tarp the bi-plane. Tails arrives and asks what the deal is. Jack replies by stating that they've figured out what caused their initial crash... Sand was clogging the engines. They've taken it upon themselves to clean it out and mothball it for a few weeks. Tails says mothballing it is a no-no; they still have a wizard to catch. Sonic shows up to tell Tails that Naugus can wait and that he doesn't mind sticking around for a few weeks. Naugus will still be on the loose when they leave, so (contrasted against an image of all the Devil's Island Gulag prisoners escaping and wreaking havoc) "What's the problemo?"

Tales of The Freedom Fighters - On His Majesty's Secret Service - Part II

Secret Service Agent Geoffrey St. John enters his dark room. He knows there's an intruder present and readies his weapon, only for a bomb to detonate before he gets the chance to shoot first. Geoffrey's knocked back unhurt. A sentient robot approaches him, introducing itself as "Heavy". His exploded friend is named "Bomb". Heavy asks if he could join Geoffrey on his team. Seeing use in these two new characters, Geoffrey accepts the request.

The next day inside a shooting gallery, Wombat Stu, Valdez, Hershey Cat, Heavy and Bomb are all gathered around gathered around Geoffrey, who's demonstrating an impressive handheld laser weapon. Wombat Stu remarks that he's never seen Freedom Fighters use weapons like that, and Geoffrey replies that he's right: They're Secret Service Agents now. Their foremost mission is to protect the monarchy and the government from all threats, internal and external.

He escorts them to a training facility, where others are hard in training. Without warning, Geoffrey drops Hershey into a water tank containing a robotic shark. To her rescue comes Valdez, holding Bomb. He tosses Bomb into the shark, and Hershey and he escape as Bomb blows. Hershey complains that she's not much of a swimmer, but Geoffrey tells her flatly that she will learn. He tells everyone that they just displayed a basic grasp of teamwork and staying cool under pressure. In time, they will build on that, and more. He orders them to take a five minute break, then it's back to work. The story ends with Valdez whispering to Stu "Why do I get the feeling that I should have stayed in bed?"

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  • This issue is Karl Bollers' first as head writer for Sonic, a position he would hold for nearly 100 issues.



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