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Sonic the Hedgehog #071
"Sonic the Hedgehog"
Writer: Karl Bollers Ken Penders
Pencils: Steven Butler, Pam Ecklund, Art Mawhinney, Jim Amash, J. Freddie Gabrie, Victor Gorelick
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1999-03-24[1] $1.79 ?
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Sonic the Hedgehog #71 is the seventy-first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by Archie Comics.

This issue features two stories, a primary story, titled "Retro-Activity", and a secondary story, titled "In The Beginning".

This particular comic book was printed in reverse, with the letters and fan art section appearing in front, and the back-up story preceding the lead. This an editorial one-off joke to go along withe the reverse nature of the lead story. The lead story will be summarized first, and in chronological order.

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Retro Activity

Fifty-nine minutes earlier - An orbiting satellite comes to life. A mysterious voice narrates its activation: "O-Sat Unit back online. Detecting a temporal distortion on surface of planet Mobius below. Now commencing system location of target. Target acquired, system locked and beginning activation... NOW!"

Fifteen minutes earlier - King Max Acorn welcomes Nate on his safe return home, after his abduction in the previous tale. Sonic the Hedgehog and Prince Elias shake hands and congratulate each other on a job well done, only to be interrupted by a cross king who scolds them both for disobeying his orders. Before things get too heated, the King asks Sally Acorn to escort Sonic home to Knothole Village.

Seven minutes earlier - Sally and Sonic are walking through the woods. They chat about recent events. Sally tells Sonic that the king isn't angry with him, and is probably proud of him for rescuing Nate. Just as Sonic realizes he's been ignoring his parents ever since they were rescued, a blinding light emerges from the Great Oak Slide.

Ten minutes earlier - They enter the slide, only to find themselves falling endlessly through blinding light. They grab hold of one another and emerge in Knothole.

Eight minutes earlier - Sonic and Sally notice that the citizens of Knothole are walking backwards and ignoring them, everything around is moving in reverse, while duo themsleves are covered in a strange glowing light. They realize that the area around them is actually moving in reverse time while they are somehow unaffected. Sally muses that this could be a good thing, as Knothole was thrown three hours into the future as a side effect of The Ultimate Annihilator, but they need to fix Knothole's time problem quickly. However, being unable to interact with the world around them, Sonic and Sally can't escape the village. Sonic attempts to vibrate himself and Sally at supersonic speeds to pass through the slide, but emerges on the other side without Sally.

Ten minutes earlier - Unable to head back into the Great Oak Slide due to the increasing intensity of the light pouring from its entrance, Sonic heads fast for Mobotropolis for help.

Thirty minutes earlier - Nate explains that a mysterious energy beam is being fired at Knothole from space, most likely drawn to the village due to its existence outside of normal time. He further explains that the beam is forcing Knothole to resume its normal place in time, but if the beam continues firing on the village after the moment of realignment it could break space-time and thus the planet itself. Nate tells Sonic and Max that the only way to stop the "time beam" is to redirect it to a more suitable target: a Super Emerald.

Forty minutes earlier - Nate equips Sonic with a special red suit and one of the world's last Super Emeralds. Amy Rose, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor, Antoine and Tails cheer for Sonic as he prepares to run as fast as he can to draw the beam's fire. As he runs, the Super Emerald's energy transforms Sonic into Super Sonic. Passing through Deerwood Forest, Sonic continues to accelerate and transforms into Ultra Sonic. He speeds through Mount Stormtop Village, and as he passes through the Great Desert the combined heat of the sands, power of the Super Emerald, and continuous acceleration transform him into Solar Sonic. Sonic continues to transform continuously as he circles Mobius, becoming Polar Sonic as he crosses the Southern Tundra and Eco Sonic while dashing through the Great Rainforest.

Twenty minutes earlier - As Sonic circles the globe, time around him begins to accelerate, causing the time-beam to move from Knothole towards him. The beam strikes Sonic, and the field of energy that had engulfed Knothole vanishes. In Mobotropolis, the Freedom Fighters and Nate Morgan celebrate Sonic's victory. Nate surmises that Knothole is no longer three hours in the future and that the planet has been saved. Sally and the other citizens of Knothole are suddenly woozy, feeling off-balance as Knothole returns to its proper place in time. Realizing that Sonic must have fixed the village, Sally wonders what happened to him.

This very second - Sonic is at home, looking noticeably different than when he left. Sally doesn't understand how Nate's plan ended up making Sonic's eyes green or giving his shoes buckles, and Sonic tells her he'll run through the story for her one more time...

In The Beginning

Tails airlifts Amy Rose over the outskirts of Mobotropolis, arriving at the old library. Once inside, Amy rejoins Jeremiah, grandson of famed Mobius chronicler Kirby.

Jeremiah hands the two a book. The book chronicles the birth of Mobius in light; soon after came life; the most advanced were the echidna. Other creatures developed close behind, forming their own distinct societies. This was the status quo, until a young Alexander Acorn proposed all creatures pool their knowledge and resources to form a collective civilization. The echindas were sympathetic, but dismissed the idea, fearing the knowledge they provided would do more harm than good. Also resisting were the Overlanders, proving too hostile to risk incorporating into their burgeoning society

As time passed ground was broken, bricks were laid and a new city emerged: Mobotropolis. The locals saw fit to make the visionary Alexander King, and he accepted. Unfortunately, the general peace and happiness would not prevail for too long...

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  • With the release of Sonic Adventure in Japan, Sega mandated that all Sonic The Hedgehog licencors change over to the new character design. Archie obliged, utilizing this story's crisis as an in-universe explanation for his physical changes.



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