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Sir Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog is a character who appeared in almost every American-made Sonic the Hedgehog media. A knight of the Acorn Kingdom of Mobius, Sir Chuck the uncle of Sonic, was unwittingly responsible for the rise of the planet's cruelest tyrant. The creator of the roboticizer, a process that turns flesh into metal and robs an individual of his or her free will, Charles hoped to use this technology as a means of curing the sick and allowing people to live longer. The project was stolen by Warlord Julian Kintobor, who declared himself Robotnik and used it to enslave Mobians everywhere after taking control of the capital city Mobotropolis. Sir Charles was among the first to be roboticized. Years later, he regained his free will and was reunited with his nephew Sonic. He worked as a spy for the Freedom Fighters up until Robotnik's defeat.

After the lawsuit against Ken Penders, Ian Flynn confirmed Uncle Chuck, along with the other characters from the Archie Sonic comics, to be explicitly dismissed from canon for the IDW series, as memories Sonic had with him became completely extinct, considering him unawarely deceased.

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