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Mystic Ruins
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Mystic Ruins
Adventure Field stage, Sonic Adventure
Level themes: ancient ruins, jungle
Station Square | Egg Carrier
For the area's Sonic Chronicles portrayal, see Mystic Ruins (Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood).

Mystic Ruins is a jungle area which features as the second Adventure Field in Sonic Adventure. Like the other two, it is comprised of three distinct areas and a Chao Garden. Many of the characters' later levels are accessed from this area.


Map of the Mystic Ruins, an Adventure Field in Sonic Adventure.

In the game, a group of archaeologists are sent to seek out the ancient Echidna Temple, although it is revealed by talking to one of the group that the first group sent into the jungle have become lost, and plans are being made to send in a second team.


Mysticruins map a.png Area A - Train Station
The first area of the Mystic Ruins, accessible by all characters, contains the railway back to Station Square (1). The only level open in this first area is Windy Valley (5), accessible to Sonic, Tails and E-102 Gamma. Other areas accessible from here are Angel Island (3), the Jungle (4) by means of the Bound Trolley Car and the Chao Garden (7), found via a mine cart through a gate in the Eastern Cave. Also found in this cave is another doorway leading to one of Knuckles' powerups and the Monkey Destruction Switch (6). Bosses fought in this area are the Egg Hornet and Chaos 4, and it is also the area in which Sonic and Knuckles fight briefly. Other points of interest are the Boat Dock (2), a platform below the station, accessed by a ladder, which eventually allows passage to the crashed Egg Carrier Adventure Field far into the ocean (9), Tails' Workshop (8), found above the Egg Hornet boss arena, and where the Sky Chase minigame begins, and the silver Chao Egg, found on a ledge in the waterfall where Chaos 4 is fought. To obtain this egg, a switch near the waterfall's base must be found and pushed. This retracts the ledge and drops the egg into the pool.
Mysticruins map b.png Area B - Angel Island
When playing as Sonic, this area become accessible through a cutscene in which a part of the cliff face near the station blows open, revealing a secret tunnel. The debris can be jumped over, revealing a wind tunnel like that which leads to Windy Valley. The first part of Angel Island is a long tunnel (1), leading to a frozen doorway, through which Ice Cap is found (2). Continuing on leads you to another open area containing the entrance to Red Mountain, Sonic's Ancient Light powerup and an old bridge leading to the Master Emerald's altar (3). In Tails' game, this area is blocked by a doorway.
Mysticruins map c.png Area C - Jungle (Echidna Temple)
This area is accessed via another mine cart found near the top of the first area, beside the waterfall and leads to the cliff (1). This area is filled with a lush, thick jungle over which several ledges hang, one of these being the terminus for the mine cart. This area holds the entrances for the Lost World, found inside the remains of the Echidna Temple (3), Final Egg, found at the northern's cliff's edge (5) and Tails' Sand Hill mini-game (2). This area is also the location of Big the Cat's home (4), over which another ledge hangs containing Knuckles' second powerup. When playing as Knuckles, two alcoves within the thick jungle are found containing statues required to open his entrance to the Lost World Action Stage. To obtain these, Knuckles' first upgrade must be acquired. Two of Big's lure upgrades may also be found in the jungle. As happened to the archaeologists found wandering among the trees, it can be very easy to get lost in this area, however with the addition of the map in Sonic Adventure DX, getting lost has become less of a hazard.

Emblem locations

The following are the locations of the hidden Emblems in this Adventure Field:

  1. On the right path to Big's house in the jungle. Any character can get this.
  2. On a small ledge behind Tails' Workshop. Either Tails or Knuckles can collect it.
  3. Inside the giant tree near Big's house. Either Tails or Knuckles can collect it.
  4. In the air between Angel Island and the Red Mountain Action Stage. Only accessible by Knuckles.


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