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ManualSave: Any time after being able to control Tails for the first time.
AutoSave: Enter Mystic Ruins.

I'm Miles "Tails" Prower.

But you can call me "Tails"!
The other day I took my new airplane,
the one that's powered by a Chaos Emerald,
for a test flight, but it crashed!
To my surprise, Sonic came to
rescue me. He's my hero!
I invited him to my workshop
located in the Mystic Ruins. He should be

really impressed!

After the scoring of Egg Hornet.

I'm Miles "Tails" Prower.

But you can call me "Tails"!
On the way to my workshop, that
evil Eggman suddenly showed up!
He stole my Chaos Emerald!
Then, a strange liquid monster appeared,
and it transformed when
Eggman gave it the Emerald!
If Eggman collects all 7 Emeralds
and gives them to the monster,
it will become incredibly strong!
Sonic, let's find all the Emeralds
before Eggman does!

Let's start by searching the Mystic Ruins!

After the scoring of Stage 1, Windy Valley.

I'm Tails!

There was a Chaos Emerald in the
Windy Valley!
Our search is going well, huh?
I'm off to search Station Square


After the scoring of Stage 2, Casinopolis.

I'm Tails!

Oh, my gosh!
We found another Chaos Emerald in
Casinopolis, but because of my carelessness,
one of them was taken!
Still, I'll never give up!
Let's return to Mystic Ruins and see

if there is somewhere else we can go!

After the scoring of Stage 3, Ice Cap.

I'm Tails!

I found an Emerald in Icecap!
Now, both Eggman and I
each have two...
Now we're even!

Where is the next one??

Immediately after defeating Knuckles.

I'm Tails!

Knuckles suddenly attacked me.
I suppose he was deceived by Eggman.
He took the 2 Emeralds that I had collected.
Now Chaos will transform again!

How will I ever defeat Chaos?

After the scoring of Chaos 4.

I'm Tails!

Dr. Eggman and Chaos escaped
aboard the Egg Carrier.
Sonic, we must go after them!
We can use the Tornado!
It's always ready for action.

Let's hurry to my workshop!

After the scoring of Sky Chase Act 1.

I'm Tails!

We were so close to catching that Eggman!
But the Tornado was shot down!
I got separated from Sonic...
I guess it is time to
unveil my new invention...
But first... I need a Chaos Emerald

to get it to run! I'm off to find one!

ManualSave: After the cutscene seen in the Mystic Ruins Jungle of Froggy nabbing a Chaos Emerald and hopping away.
AutoSave: After the scoring of the Sand Hill Sub Game.

I'm Tails!

I really need a Chaos Emerald to
fly my new airplane.
But this frog came and grabbed the Emerald
with his mouth and ran away!
I chased after the frog, and just when
I caught it...
I got trapped in a mysterious ball

of light... Where am I?


ManualSave, Bad: Glitch will only happen if Big the Cat has already been unlocked. ManualSaving via exiting a Chao Garden or obtaining an Adventure Field Emblem will render your entry point back to The Past if game is reset and loaded. The player will be unable to progress through Tails' Story because Tikal will not appear "again" in the level map who is needed to launch the cutscene that will take the player back to the present Mystic Ruins.

ManualSave, Good: Only if Big the Cat has been unlocked. Replay and complete an Action Stage.

AutoSave 1: If Big the Cat hasn't been unlocked yet, then an AutoSave will occur for unlocking him after the cutscene of Tails' waking up and encountering Big and Froggy.

AutoSave 2: After the cutscene that'll load up Sky Chase Act 2. You could just ignore all of the above and use this one.

I'm Tails!

I met this mysterious girl...
I wonder if it was a dream?
When I returned to Mystic Ruins I saw
a big cat. He was chasing the frog.
They went somewhere... Anyway,
now I've got a Chaos Emerald!
Off to my workshop!

Tornado 2, lift off!

After the scoring of Sky Chase, Act 2.

I'm Tails!

I found Sonic again and we managed
to catch up to the Egg Carrier!
Sonic said that Amy was captured and
being held somewhere inside
this fortress.

We have to rescue her quickly!

After the multiple cutscenes concerning the Egg Carrier's transformation.

I'm Tails!

Wow, cool! This flying fortress just
transformed!! But now is not the time to
admire Eggman's technology!
He has just challenged us
to clear the Sky Deck.
OK, let's go for it, Sonic ! [sic]

Amy awaits us!

After the scoring of Stage 4, Sky Deck.

I'm Tails!

We finally made it through Eggman's
Sky Deck trap!
I'll bet we are really close

to both Eggman and Amy!

Immediately after defeating E-102 γ.

I'm Tails!

Amy and I had just escaped
from the Egg Carrier,
but then Dr. Eggman appeared again! In
desperation, he launched a big missile!
Oh, no!
Station Square will be destroyed!

Luckily, the missile misfired!
Eggman just went to detonate the dud!
I'll beat him there,

and destroy the missile first!

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