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Mystic Ruins, Day
Main Area

Man with binoculars, in front of station:

We're the exploration
party searching for the ruins.

But we couldn't find

so the whole
expedition's been cancelled.

Isn't that depressing?

Backpacker standing outside of unblocked West Cave:

The guys were so

as they headed home.

Everything they worked so
hard for is gone.

Mustache, glasses, by hut:

We can't do anything
without sponsors.

If our sponsors quit,
we're done.

Man with binoculars, next to the Windy Cave:

But it'll be great
to see my girlfriend again.

I feel pretty embarrassed, though,

going back with nothing
to show for it.

What can I do?


Backpacker, eastern edge:


I found a mega-huge footprint!

I bet there's a big,
mysterious creature lurking

around here!

Backpacker, southern edge:

I entered a jungle that
never ends.

Oh, but it's cool.

Man with binoculars, approximately southeastern of level map:

I've been in the jungle
for months...

And my wife is in Station

I am so lonely without her.

Mustache, glasses, about northeastern of level map:

I've been an explorer
for 25 years!

I'll never go back!
I'll never go home!

Not 'til I discover
something big...

I'm staying right here!

Man with binoculars, south of map, on the path east from the pyramid:

No matter how far we go,

this jungle just never
seem to end.

When we entered the jungle,

I could have sworn
I saw them...

Where could the
ruins be?

Station Square, Day
Station, Upper Deck

Purple's dad, towards the left of the balcony:

No matter how awful work
gets, my daughter's smile

makes it better.

I gotta work hard again today.
Come on!

Station worker:

Thanks for coming!

As always, service with a

Station, Main Deck

Spiffy, right wall:

Today, like always, I'm
headin' to work.

Oh, sure... Work, work, work!

Casino Area

Old businessman walking around perimeter:

At last, this town seems
to have calmed down

and returned to normal.

Hotel Manager:

With what's been goin'
on lately, we don't have

many customers...

But I'm sure, after a while,
the place will fill up.

Hat Woman, near the elevators:

I came looking for an old
friend of mine.

But I don't have a clue
where to look...

Businessman, standing in between the left elevator and the pool's doorway:

Even the train station
staff gets a day off.

I love how easy it is to
get paid vacation time.

Pool Area

The businesswoman model in a bikini version, at the corner farthest away from the Emerald Coast entrance:

I don't know what happened,
but no one's around.

I'll just get a good tan
and head home.

Station Area

Owner of Cyber-Net Inc.:

My wonderful building will
last forever!

Purple girl, right of train station's entrance:

My dad's off to work again.

I hope he comes home early
for once.

Hipster strolling around perimeter:

Hey! We need some
excitement around here!

I wish something would

to get my blood pumping.

Businesswoman strolling around perimeter:

Oh, Sonic... How's it going?

Hey, my husband still
hasn't come home.

Can you believe that?

Mature girl strolling around perimeter:

Don't be ridiculous!

I come home
during the day, too.

I'm not a vampire,
ya' know.

Newsstand Saleswoman:

I'm the newsstand saleswoman.

Not much happening today...

Nothing but peace and
quiet in Station Square.

It's good...
Just a little dull.

City Hall Area

Statue Girl strolling around perimeter:


My burgers are made with
16 different secret spices.

You know that TV commercial,
right? Well, that's him!

Naw... I mean the statue in
front of the Burger Shop.

Old businessman walking around perimeter:

A lot goes on around here,

but Station Square's
a nice town.

Mother and Son, left of the level map, standing on the sidewalk

Son (left):
Hey, it's Sonic!

I bet you beat Robotnik
again, didn't you?

Mother (right):

I hit the jackpot yesterday,
and now I can't stop!

Owner of antique shop:

Amy was just here. Seems
she had quite an adventure.

She told us all about it.

And she said she was
psyched to see you again.

She's a great girl. You
better treat her right!

Ya' hear?

Shy businesswoman is now a Female Burger Shop worker.

Female Burger Shop worker (left):
I not only met my dream guy,
but I get to work with him, too.

I sure lucked out.

But now I've got a new problem.

I only want to smile for him,
but now I'm s'posed to

smile at everybody...

No, this is a job.

Smile, grin, smile.

Male Burger Shop worker (right):
That girl's got amazing powers.

Just have her stand here
and smile

and watch sales go through
the roof.

[after going to The Past, Night, and coming back to the present]
Mystic Ruins, Day
Main Area

[all same as previous except: ]

Mustache, glasses, by hut:

We couldn't find the

But I remember someone
reported seeing a plane crash.

Station Square, Day

[all NPCs' locations and their scripts is the same as previously]

[entering the Jungle will force the player into cutscenes and fighting Perfect Chaos]

[impossible to play Super Sonic's story after 100% Clear, player will start from the beginning of the story after selecting it]

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