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Sonic Adventure Taikenban
Prerelease of: Sonic Adventure
System: Sega Dreamcast
Build date: Mar 2, 1999
Source: GD-ROM disc
Found by: drx

Sonic Adventure Taikenban (ソニックアドベンチャー 体験版) is a demo of Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, that was available in stores in Japan. It's a limited version of the Japanese release which contains one playable stage or game for each player. Its build date is 1999/3/2.


The demo allows the player to play one stage or game which varies depending on which character you choose. Sonic's demo starts with Chaos 0 and ends with Egg Hornet, and all other characters only have one playable portion. When you clear your character's playable game, an "On Sale!" message appears on the screen. The screen automatically disappears after ten seconds if there is no input. There aren't any options you can change normally, so the game is solely in Japanese.


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Sonic Adventure Taikenban, prototype version of Sonic Adventure
SonicAdventureTaikenban DC Title.png

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