ZERO (boss)

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Game: Sonic Adventure
Level: Egg Carrier
Hits to defeat: 3
Fought by: Amy

ZERO is the sole boss of Amy Rose's story in Sonic Adventure, finally fought at the end of the story after having chased Amy around each of her Action Stages.


Amy and Birdie return to the splashed-down Egg Carrier after Final Egg in an effort to locate the bird's missing family members. Much to everyone's delight, they are successful - Amy arrives just after E-102 Gamma's mutually destructive battle against E-101mkII, and the freed birds can all join up. However, just as avian reunions begin, Birdie is sucker-punched out of the sky by ZERO's extending fist. Amy's had enough of running away, and readies her Piko Piko Hammer for combat.


ZERO chases Amy around the Egg Carrier's main deck, targeting her with missiles and extensible fists which the player must sprint to outrun. The robot is impervious to direct damage from Hammer Attacks; Amy has to take the pro-wrestling route and knock him into the electrical barriers at the edge of the ring. The electric fence pops ZERO's armour, exposing a glowing head-core which is very much susceptible to the hammer.

As with other Sonic Adventure bosses, ZERO starts to vary its attacks as it takes more damage. Jumping shockwave-blasts add to the missiles, and later the robot holds still in the center of the ring and spins its electrified wire-arms around the whole arena. Defeating it concludes Amy's story.


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