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The Northstar Islands as seen in the opening animation.
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The Northstar Islands[1] (ノーススター諸島Media:Sonic Superstars Web Manual JP.pdf[2]), also spelled as the North Star IslandsMedia:Sonic Superstars Web Manual EN.pdf[3], are an archipelago of islands that serve as the setting for Sonic Superstars. The islands are best known for having animals that are larger than those found in other locations[1].


The Northstar Islands is home to the Black Dragon, who was previously sealed in the Black Onyx.[4] Trip's ancestors defeated the beast using their Emerald Powers.[5] Trip has honored her ancestors by wearing their ceremonial armor.[6] One day, Dr. Eggman and Fang the Hunter traveled to the Northstar Islands as it was said to contain incredible wonders. They started capturing the giant animals on the island, transforming them into Badniks. Once Fang ran into Trip, he started asking her questions.[7] She then became Eggman and Fang's guide across the islands. Sonic and his friends soon travel to the islands in effort to restore peace after Eggman's plan gets into gear.Media:Sonic Superstars Web Manual EN.pdf[3]


Sonic Superstars Screenshots 2023-06-26 01.jpg Bridge Island
Bridge Island is a Green Hill-esque coastline.
Sonic Superstars Screenshots 2023-06-26 03.jpg Speed Jungle
Speed Jungle is a lush jungle with abandoned machinery.
SonicSuperstars PC SkyTemple.png Sky Temple
Sky Temple is an ancient flying ruin.
Sonic Superstars Pinball Carnival 2 Screenshot 2023-08-29.png Pinball Carnival
Pinball Carnival is an amusement park with pinball areas.
SonicSuperstars PC LagoonCity Act1.png Lagoon City
Lagoon City is a ruined city submerged in water.
SonicSuperstars PC SandSanctuary.png Sand Sanctuary
Sand Sanctuary is a desert region with a giant snake around it.
SonicSuperstars PC PressFactory Act1.png Press Factory
Press Factory is a mechanical Eggman-themed factory.
SonicSuperstars PC GoldenCapital Act1.png Golden Capital
Golden Capital is an ancient locale filled with lava traps and pinball-like areas.
SonicSuperstars PC CyberStation.png Cyber Station
Cyber Station is a digital realm with pixelated aesthetic.
SonicSuperstars PC FrozenBase Act1.png Frozen Base
Frozen Base is a frozen and industrialized landscape.


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