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Special Stage
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Special Stage
Special Zone, Sonic Superstars
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The Special Stage in Sonic Superstars serves as the method of acquiring the Chaos Emeralds. It is accessed in the same method as the Special Stages in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Mania in that the player(s) must find and enter Giant Rings that are placed in various locations within each Zone.

Only one Chaos Emerald may be obtained within a Zone. Once a Chaos Emerald has been obtained, all Giant Rings within that Zone will turn blue, and replaying the Special Stage via blue Giant Rings will award 5 Medals instead. To get another Chaos Emerald, the player(s) will need to enter the Special Stage from a different Zone.


The Special Stage is set within a vast blue-purple 3D space, and the objective is for the player(s) to chase after the Chaos Emerald and catch it within the time limit. In order to chase after the Emerald, the player(s) will need to swing from spheres that act as grappling points. This is performed by holding a Jump button when a reticle appears over the nearest grappling point to start swinging from it, then release the button at just the right time to let go, flinging a player in the direction of their swing. Once the Chaos Emerald is close enough within the player's reach for the reticle to appear over it, the player needs to press the Jump button once to catch it and exit the Special Stage.

Much like the Special Stages from Chaotix and Sonic Mania, Rings serve as the time limit for the Special Stage, with the player(s) starting with a set number of Rings and must collect more to be able to spend more time chasing the Emerald. Grabbing onto a yellow sphere will award three Rings, and flying through a circle of Rings will award ten Rings. Should the player(s) run out of Rings, the Special Stage ends in failure. The player(s) will also fail the Special Stage if they fall too far down.

In addition to grappling points, there are other objects that the player(s) can grapple on to, such as gimmicks that launch them foward in one direction to help close in on the Emerald or upward to help them gain altitude. Colliding into bombs or walls will not cause the player(s) to lose any Rings, but will make them unable to move for a second.

In co-op play, all players take turns to reach the Chaos Emerald, with each player having a limited number of swings that vary depending on how many players there are. Players get three swings per turn in a 2-player game, two swings in a 3-player game, and only one swing in a 4-player game.

List of Special Stages

Stage Screenshot Starting Rings Chaos Emerald Emerald Power
SonicSuperstars PC SpecialStage 1.png
90 Blue Avatar
30 Red Bullet
30 Purple Vision
SonicSuperstars PC SpecialStage 4.png
30 Cyan Water
SonicSuperstars PC SpecialStage 5.png
30 Green Ivy
SonicSuperstars PC SpecialStage 6.png
30 Yellow Slow
SonicSuperstars PC SpecialStage 7.png
30 Grey Extra


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