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Bridge Island Zone
  • Act 1
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  • Act Fruit
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Bridge Island Zone
First Zone, Sonic Superstars
Number of Acts: 3
Location: Northstar Islands
Level themes: tropical island, ocean
Sub-boss: Mosasaurus
Boss: Bridge Island Zone boss
Non-English names:
  • JP: ブリッジアイランド
  • KR: 브리지 아일랜드
Speed Jungle Zone

Bridge Island Zone is the first Zone of Sonic Superstars. Bridge Island consists of two standard Acts, with each Act ending in a boss fight. The Zone also includes an optional "Act Fruit".


The starting point of Sonic and friends' adventure across the Northstar Islands, Bridge Island Zone serves as the game's Green Hill-themed level, featuring palm trees, spinning flowers, and checkered blue terrain making up the landscape, all set alongside a coastline. The background features a variety of small islets and rock structures that decorate the ocean, with the larger islets even sporting rainbows.

The terrain itself features many different paths with loops of varying sizes to run through, and tunnels of different shapes to roll through. The abundance of waterfalls makes the Zone a great place to try out the Water Emerald Power, which will allow the heroes to climb the many waterfalls and access different routes.

At the start of Act 1, Fang the Hunter can be seen flying across the background with a capsule in tow, and at specific points a colossal Badnik based off a mosasaurus can be seen splashing about. This Badnik will eventually give chase to the heroes by the end of the Act. Upon reaching Act 2, the sun will begin to set on this coastal Zone as the heroes run by windmills and launch off of airborne ramps, with the sun setting completely by the time they reach the end of the Act, where they'll face off with Dr. Eggman in another of his boss machines.


Batbrain — Found throughout the Zone, flying around a determined area.
Buzz Bomber — Found throughout the Zone, shooting a diagonal laser from its stinger.
Chopper — Jumps up from under bridges.
Crabmeat — Either static or moving back and forth slowly. Shoots projectiles from both of its claws.


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