Pinball Carnival Zone mini-boss

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Pinball Carnival Zone mini-boss
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Pinball Carnival Zone mini-boss
Game: Sonic Superstars
Level: Pinball Carnival Zone (mini-boss)
Hits to defeat: 3 (Story Mode) / 6 (Trip's Story)

The Pinball Carnival Zone mini-boss is the third mini-boss of Sonic Superstars, encountered at the end of Pinball Carnival Zone Act 1. It is a giant Badnik based on a clown, with a bumper for a lower body.


The mini-boss will fly about in the air above the player(s) to primarily keep itself out of reach, and from there it will attack by juggling bombs that will fly towards the player(s). As it is in the air, there are multiple options players have to hit the boss, the intended method of which is the flip all four of the white and blue panels in the room to turn them black and red. When all the panels are flipped over, the mini-boss' attack patterns will be interrupted and will become dizzy and rotate, giving the player(s) the opportunity to strike the head from underneath. If the player(s) takes too long to hit it while it's dizzy, it will recover and reset the panels.

Amy and Trip can easily reach the mini-boss' head without needing to flip the panels using their Double Jump while Tails can fly into the head to land a hit, though all characters may also jump on the bumpers for extra height. Certain Emerald Powers such as Avatar may also be used to score easy hits.

After the mini-boss has been hit once, it will fly over to another room with electrical hazards to jump over and six panels to flip, and will juggle more bombs. After the second hit, it will fly to another room with even more electrical hazards and eight panels to flip, and will replace its juggling attack with a new move - it will electrify its body to make itself hazardous to touch, and will attempt to body slam the player(s). After a few body slams, it will stop in order to recover, leaving it vulnerable for another attack or for the panels to flip over. One more hit will destroy it and release a giant Picky.

In Trip's Story, the mini-boss will electrify its body in all of its phases, requiring Trip to make it dizzy before attacking it or use Emerald Powers or Super Trip. In addition, the mini-boss must be hit twice for each phase for a total of six hits.


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