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Cyber Station Zone
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Cyber Station Zone
Ninth Zone, Sonic Superstars
Number of Acts: 1
Location: Northstar Islands
Level theme: cyberspace
Boss: Cyber Station Zone boss
Non-English names:
  • JP: サイバーステーション
  • KR: 사이버 스테이션
Golden Capital Zone | Frozen Base Zone

Cyber Station Zone[1] is the ninth Zone of Sonic Superstars. Cyber Station consists of only a single Act[1], which ends in a boss fight.


Cyber Station Zone is set inside a digital realm seemingly created by Dr. Eggman, as evidenced by the massive holographic logos of his Eggman Empire. The background features a vibrant mix of purple and blue tones that extended upwards to the ceiling of the Zone; towers of cubical objects, cylindrical structures that dissolve into smaller cubes and holographic display also make most of the background.

The whole aesthetic the stage takes is that of a pixelated voxel-styled art with most objects and enemies adapted to the style. Even Sonic and his friends take on voxel appearances once they walk through specific portals that appear throughout the Zone, with some of them even altering their physical appearance drastically, giving them power-ups exclusive to this level. The first of these transformations are cephalopod-like creatures which grants them the ability to "swim" in the air to navigate corridors and avoid hazards.

Later on in the Zone the team will transform into mouse-like creatures which can traverse floating networks. When travelling on these networks, they can only travel forward in one direction with no way of turning back, and will stop at junctions to pick a path to follow. The player(s) must also avoid running into the moving cat-like obstacles as they will be knocked off if they take damage. Near the end of the Zone, Sonic and friends will transform into rockets and be thrown into a special segment where the player(s) boost forward automatically and while doing so, avoid the obstacles until the end of the course. Crashing into breakable blocks will slow the player(s) down, and colliding with solid terrain will instantly kill them.

Neon red, electrified bars and neon blue, quick digitalized lines that carry the characters are some obstacles/gimmicks Sonic and friends have overcome on their way out of Cyber Station.


Batbrain — Found throughout the Zone, flying around a determined area. In this particular Zone, it takes a voxel inspired design to fit the level theming.
Crabmeat — Either static or moving back and forth slowly. Shoots projectiles from both of its claws. In this particular Zone, it takes a voxel inspired design to fit the level theming.


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