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Speed Jungle Zone
  • Act 1
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  • Act 2
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Speed Jungle Zone
Second Zone, Sonic Superstars
Number of Acts: 3
Location: Northstar Islands
Level themes: jungle, industrial
Sub-boss: Speed Jungle Zone mini-boss
Boss: Speed Jungle Zone boss
Non-English names:
  • JP: スピードジャングル
  • KR: 스피드 정글
Bridge Island Zone | Sky Temple Zone

Speed Jungle Zone is the second Zone of Sonic Superstars. Speed Jungle consists of two standard Acts and a special alternate Act known as "Act Sonic" exclusive to Sonic, with each standard Act ending in a boss fight.


Following their adventure in Bridge Island Zone, Sonic and his friends come across Speed Jungle Zone, a lush, verdant forest featuring a thick layer of living vegetation from flexible vines that throw and sling the player(s) around to intertwined vines that serve as high-speed rails to grind on. The background features a mixture of rusty machinery and metallic totems of what seems to be a previous civilization as well as a deep dark jungle of palm trees. The foreground shows a mix of vines, a variety of colorful flowers, a checkered brown-ish ground and rusty metal roads. During Act 2, the Zone is mostly covered in shadows and rain.

Although the level mainly focuses on the high-speed aspect, in between the speedy sections featuring rails and booster tunnels, akin to Stardust Speedway, there are platforming sections that demand quick thinking of the player(s) to either jump across platforms, use the bungee-like vines to throw around or a blend of both.

In Act Sonic, the titular character has to run across the Zone, now at nighttime, while facing and surviving Fang the Hunter along the path. The villain tries to slow down the hedgehog in multiple ways; be it through a laser device that can instantly kill, rushing against Sonic with his Marvelous Queen or firing missiles his way.

Act 2 of this Zone goes deeper into the jungle, and adds another gimmick to the mix as it features dark areas that are solely lit up by a glowing butterfly requiring more wariness of the player(s) to deal with both high-speed and platforming sections of the level.


Batbrain — Found throughout the Zone, flying around a determined area.
Crawlton — Fixed to the terrain and extends to attack players when they approach.
Splats — A jumping rabbit-like Badnik, found throughout the Zone.


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