Ghost Pirate

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Ghost Pirate
Ghost Pirate
Game: Sonic Rush Adventure
Level: Haunted Ship
Fought by: Sonic, Blaze

Ghost Pirate is the fourth boss of Sonic Rush Adventure, appearing at the end of Haunted Ship. Sonic and Blaze finally track Captain Whisker to the core of the shipwreck reef, but as in Coral Cave, the Captain has no intention of surrendering the Jeweled Scepter. Instead, he sets this giant swashbuckler on the heroes as he, Mini, and Mum attempt to escape.


The Ghost Pirate's fight is significantly less 3D than most Rush Adventure bosses, although the mech does jump in and out of the foreground. A rather rickety and unstable-looking combat robot, the Pirate nevertheless towers over the player character in tarnished green metal. Attacking with sword swipes and huge columns of fire, this Ghost-series robot can also launch itself up to the boat's rigging, or scramble its components completely into a cloud of jagged metal. Unusually, the boss itself is often not what you have to attack; the red control crystal (and the part that takes damage) can be knocked out of the robot with just a few hits, after which it floats up to the top of the mast and just sits there for you to Spin Jump it into oblivion.

Once again, the robot is defeated only after it has served its purpose in expediting Whisker's escape with the Scepter. This time, though, Blaze spots where he went: north, towards Blizzard Peaks. The Ocean Tornado can't handle ice floes, however; so the team returns to Southern Island where Tails sets to work building an Aqua Blast.


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