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Sonic Rush
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Publisher: Sega
System(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Nintendo DS
2005-11-16[1] $? NTR-P-ASCE
ESRB: Everyone
Nintendo DS
2005 $? NTR-P-ASCE
ESRB: Everyone
Nintendo DS
2005-11-25[2] £? NTR-P-ASCP
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo DS
2005-11-25[3] €? NTR-P-ASCP
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo DS
(Pack Exceptionnel)
2007-10-26[4] €? NTR-P-ASCP
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo DS
2005-11-25[5] €? NTR-P-ASCP
USK: 6
Nintendo DS
2005-11-25 €? NTR-P-ASCP
USK: 6
Nintendo DS
2005-11-25[6] €? NTR-P-ASCP
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo DS
2005-11-25[7] €? NTR-P-ASCP
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo DS
2005-11-23[8] ¥4,800 (5,040)[8] NTR-P-ASCJ
CERO: Free
Nintendo DS
2005 $? NTR-P-ASCP
Nintendo DS
2005 NT$? ?
GSRR: 0+

Sonic Rush (ソニック・ラッシュ) is a game by Sega for the Nintendo DS, released in November 2005. The two playable characters are Sonic the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat. Though their adventures are mostly separate from one another, they cross paths multiple times and play through the same zones (albeit in a slightly different order). Sonic is the only playable character until the first boss is defeated, but Blaze's game starts first chronologically.

Miles "Tails" Prower and Cream the Rabbit act as non-playable supporting characters to Sonic and Blaze respectively, cheering them on during boss battles and helping them throughout the game's storyline. Amy Rose and Knuckles the Echidna make brief cameos throughout the game.


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Blaze the Cat, a female feline character from another dimension, suddenly appears in Sonic's home dimension. Upon arrival, she notices that the Sol Emeralds, powerful gems she was carrying with her, are gone. The last thing she remembers is that she was chasing "him" before being engulfed in a white light. She proceeds to the nearest city, Night Carnival Zone, to begin her search for the Emeralds, which Blaze claims could lead to the destruction of her world should they be lost.

Upon reaching the boss of the area, Blaze manages to find "him", revealed to the player as Dr. Eggman. Eggman flaunts the Sol Emeralds in Blaze's face, stating that he needs them to access ultimate power. Enraged, Blaze defeats his contraption and regains one of the seven Sol Emeralds, while Eggman manages to escape.

Confused and alone, Blaze ponders how she will get the Sol Emeralds back, and indeed, how to return home. Cream and Cheese spot her while hiding in the bushes, where they are quickly found. Eager to make friends with Blaze, they speak for a moment before Cream flies her to her house, where Blaze meets Vanilla, Cream's mother, who understands how pushy Cream can be. After hearing her explanation, they tell Blaze that Sonic would be able to help her reclaim the Emeralds, but she dismisses the offer, stating she can do it all on her own. Regardless of her solitary nature, Cream tags alongside Blaze anyway, who is mostly indifferent to the young rabbit's efforts to be her friend.

Elsewhere, Sonic is traveling through the Leaf Storm Zone, where he encounters Dr. Eggman, again talking about his desire for ultimate power. Upon defeating him, Sonic sees the Sol Emerald he drops, at which point Blaze appears in a blaze of fire and reclaims it, thanking Sonic for defeating Eggman before leaving. Sonic eventually meets and battles a new villain, Dr. Eggman Nega, a character from Blaze's dimension who wants to take over Sonic's world. Meanwhile, an analysis from Tails reveals that the space-time continuum has been torn, resulting in a slow merging of both Sonic and Blaze's worlds.

As Sonic and Blaze race through the zones collecting Emeralds, they become increasingly curious about each other: Sonic wonders about her alliance, while Blaze ponders who he really is, as seemingly every new face she stumbles upon mentions Sonic in one way or another. Eventually, Sonic and Blaze meet up again, although their reunion results in a fierce battle when Blaze insists Sonic gets out of her way in her mission. After Eggman/Eggman Nega gets away, Sonic and Blaze form a pact to track him down. In Blaze's storyline, Cream gets captured. At this point, Blaze has become strongly attached to Cream as a friend, and so decides to take down Eggman herself.

In the Extra storyline, it is revealed that Eggman and Eggman Nega have teamed up to conquer the world, and that the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds coexisting with each other will lead to total destruction. Determined to stop the two doctors, Sonic and Blaze use the Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Burning Blaze. Upon success, the two share a few last words (with Blaze having learned by now the true meaning of friendship thanks to Cream, Sonic, and the others) before Blaze returns to her own dimension. She realizes that carrying the world's weight on her own shoulders could lead to irresponsibility, and so she vows to live life with a more open heart.


The game is a 2D platformer for virtually its entire duration, much like the Sega Mega Drive and Game Boy Advance titles in the series. However, the player, as well as the bosses, are fully polygonal. There is only one part in the game's duration involving three-dimensional movement. Both the top and bottom screens of the DS are used during Acts, and the player switches between them when they reach certain heights or depths.

Sonic Rush expands upon the trick system, first introduced in the 2D series in Sonic Advance 2. Aside from allowing Sonic and Blaze to extend their jumps after hitting a ramp or a spring, buttons can be pressed (depending on the action) to rack up points and fill up the Tension Gauge, which allows for an instant burst of speed upon pressing the Y/X buttons while running. Aside from tricks, this gauge can also be filled by destroying enemies, passing through checkpoints, and collecting meter-increasing power-ups. When the gauge is completely full, the player can boost infinitely for a limited time (signified by the character glowing), which can be slightly extended by running through enemies and checkpoints. A blend of tricks and speed are required to earn a high Rank on each Act and boss stage (C being the lowest and S being the highest), although there is no reward for getting all S ranks in the game.

The Touch Screen has only one use in the game: Special Stages, which can only be accessed through Sonic's gameplay. The game's Special Stages look and play similarly to those from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (running through a half-pipe and collecting rings while avoiding mines), but Sonic is controlled with the stylus rather than with the D-pad. There are also springs that launch Sonic into the air; when this happens, the player is prompted to tap certain spots on the screen and is rewarded with 5, 10, or 20 Ring bonuses. Additionally, enemies are present and can be attacked by tapping their location on the screen. While Sonic must earn Chaos Emeralds the traditional way, Blaze automatically collects Sol Emeralds by defeating bosses.

Sound test music

# Title Usage
001 A New Day (Title Edit) Title Screen
002 What U Need Is Remix Main Menu
003 The Ordinary Zone Overworld Map
004 The Last Zone Overworld Map (before beating F-Zone/Exception)
005 Right There, Ride On Leaf Storm Zone - Sonic
006 Right There, Ride On Blaze Version Leaf Storm Zone - Blaze
007 Back 2 Back Water Palace Zone - Sonic
008 Back 2 Back Blaze Version Water Palace Zone - Blaze
009 Ethno Circus Mirage Road Zone - Sonic
010 Ethno Circus Blaze Version Mirage Road Zone - Blaze
011 Ska Cha Cha Night Carnival Zone - Sonic
012 Ska Cha Cha Blaze Version Night Carnival Zone - Blaze
013 Jeh Jeh Rocket Huge Crisis Zone - Sonic
014 Jeh Jeh Rocket Blaze Version Huge Crisis Zone - Blaze
015 Get Edgy Altitude Limit Zone - Sonic
016 Get Edgy Blaze Version Altitude Limit Zone - Blaze
017 What U Need Dead Line Zone - Sonic
018 What U Need Blaze Version Dead Line Zone - Blaze
019 Metal Scratchin' Vs. Boss
020 Metal Scratchin' (Part 2) Vs. Boss Pinch
021 Vela-Nova Vs. Hero
022 Vela-Nova (Part 2) Vs. Hero (Climax)
023 Bomber Barbara Final Boss
024 Bomber Barbara (Part 2) Final Boss Pinch
025 Groove Rush #4 Final Boss Clear
026 Raisin' Me Up (Prologue) Last Event
027 Medley Rush #1 Credits
028 The Secret Jingle for unlocking something
029 I Wanna Breath Hero Drowning
030 One Up! Extra Life
031 Theme of Sonic's Event Event - Sonic
032 Theme of Blaze's Event Event - Blaze
033 Theme of Comical Event Event - Humor
034 Theme of Strained Event Event - Tension
035 Theme of After The Fight Event - After Vs. Hero
036 Theme of Warm Event Event - Cream's House (Sonic)
037 What U Need Is PSG Level music in DS Download Play demo
038 Groove Rush #1 PSG Act Clear in DS Download Play demo
039 Groove Rush #2 Game Over
040 It's A New Record ! New Record
041 Groove Rush #1 Act Clear
042 Groove Rush #3 Boss Clear
043 Groove Rush #2 PSG Game Over in DS Download Play demo
044 After The Fight Event - After various boss battles
045 Blaze Appear Scene when Blaze first appears
046 Kick the Eggman Scene after Blaze's boss fights
047 A New Day Special Stage
048 A New Day (Intermission) Special Stage Start & End
110 The Extra Zone Jingle for unlocking Exception (at Character Select)
111 Anxiety Extra Demo #1
112 A Flicker of Hope Extra Demo #2
113 The Metamorphosis Extra Demo #3
114 Blaze Pinch! Scene after Exception
115 Wrapped in Black Exception (Extra boss)
116 Wrapped in Black (Part 2) Exception Pinch
117 Groove Rush #5 Exception Clear
118 Raisin' Me Up Extra Ending
119 Medley Rush #2 Extra Credits



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Sales data

Number of copies sold Sega IR Reference Platforms Regions Cumulative sales total
410,000 FY2006 3rd Quarter Appendix DS Overseas (Outside Japan) 410,000
250,000 FY2007 3rd Quarter Results " EU 660,000
110,000 FY2007 Full Year Results " " 770,000

Production credits

In cooperation with Dimps®
  • Producer: Kouichi Sakita
  • Line Producer: Yukihiro Higashi
  • Planners: Yukihiro Higashi, Takayuki Sakamoto, Masaaki Yamagiwa
  • Eng Director: Katsuya Kuramoto
  • Programmers: Takaya Yamane, Shinichi Manabe, Masato Shimizu, Chinami Ishizaki, Masayuki Ito, Kouji Okugawa
  • Art Director: Kazuhiko Yamamoto
  • 3D Designers: Nobuyuki Kuroki, Akane Yamada, Sachiyo Senda, Keigo Chimoto
  • 2D Designers: Yuko Yamanoue, Sadaki Matsumoto, Tohru Nakanishi, Miwa Kuramitsu
  • Sound: Hironobu Inagaki, Atsuyoshi Isemura
  • Special Thanks: Atsushi Maeda, Shohei Imamura, Kazuhisa Kitajima, Shin Yamane, Staff of Dimps Tokyo Office
Sega Corporation Sound Staff
Sega Corporation
Sega of America
Sega Europe Ltd.

Voice actors

Role English Japanese
Sonic the Hedgehog Jason Griffith Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Blaze the Cat Berra Hudson Nao Takamori
Miles "Tails" Prower Amy Palant Ryo Hirohashi
Cream the Rabbit Rebecca Hoing Sayaka Aoki
Eggman/Eggman Nega Mike Pollock Chikao Otsuka

The game features only one voice track in the game card and according to the regional version, due to size constraints. The Western versions have the English voice language whereas the Japanese version has the Japanese one, while the text language is entirely multi-lingual and manually selectionable in all regional versions.


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Promotional material

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Official wallpapers available from the Sonic Rush website.

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