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Egg Turtle
  • Eggman
  • Eggman Nega
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Egg Turtle
Game: Sonic Rush
Level: Water Palace
Maximum rings: 12
Hits to defeat: 8
Fought by: Sonic, Blaze

The Egg Turtle is Sonic's second and Blaze's fourth boss fight in Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS. On a submerged circular arena within the alabaster buildings of Water Palace, the heroes fight Dr. Eggman or Eggman Nega, who pilot this lumbering mechanical plesiosaur/turtle hybrid.

As usual in Sonic Rush, both the Eggmen have the keys to this ride; Blaze fights the machine under the control of Dr. Eggman while Sonic battles Eggman Nega in the same vehicle. This boss is in fact Sonic's first ever meeting with Eggman's Sol Dimension counterpart; misidentifying him as just "Eggman" to start with, Nega corrects Sonic by demanding the hedgehog use his full name: "Dr. Eggman Nega!".


Much like its predecessor for Sonic, the Leaf Storm Boss, this machine has a variety of melee attacks but is most easily damaged when it tries to crush you by slamming its head down. Simply dodge and jump on the cockpit-dome to knock an eighth off its health. The general techniques used by the Eggmen in this boss include:

  1. The Turtle will chase you around the arena. Eventually he will rise up, yell "Take this!", and then attempt to belly flop on top of you. To dodge, simply run away until you hear him yell "Take this!" then immediately turn around and Spin/Super Boost underneath him.
  2. The Egg Turtle will swim to the center of the arena. Eventually he will pull his head back and then smash it into the floor. Dodging is simple, merely keep running away and he won't be able to keep up. It should be noted that you can safely stop running when you see him open his mouth. This will come in handy for scoring hits.
  3. The water will drain from the arena, leaving the boss beached and unable to move. His mouth will open and his head will start to move towards you. To dodge, turn AWAY from his head and start charging a Spin/Super Boost. Watch his head very carefully, it will stop moving for a second right before he attacks you. Release the dash as soon as you see his head stop moving. Also, be careful not to dash into his propeller, it will hurt you! You can hit the boss when the water is drained; simply dodge his snapping attack, then jump on his head while it is retracting.


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