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Egg Eagle
  • Eggman
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Egg Eagle
Game: Sonic Rush
Level: Altitude Limit
Maximum rings: 12
Hits to defeat: 8
Fought by: Sonic, Blaze

The Egg Eagle is the sixth boss fight for Sonic and fifth boss fight for Blaze in Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS. Way, way above the clouds, atop the Altitude Limit aerial facility, the heroes face off against Dr. Eggman or Eggman Nega, who attack in this falcon-like VTOL gunship.

As usual in Sonic Rush, here both the Eggmen have the keys to this ride; Blaze fights the machine under the control of Dr. Eggman while Sonic battles Eggman Nega in the same vehicle.


As with all the Sonic Rush bosses, the Egg Eagle has various different attacks, some of which bring its cockpit within Spin Jump range. Stay on your toes, as in this fight the timings where an evasion has to turn into a counterattack are razor-thin.

  1. The standard attack sees the Eagle hover in the background, strafing your platform with missiles. Heep moving side to side and dodge the incoming strikes until Eggman switches to one of his other attacks.
  2. The machine retreats back and upwards, before swooping forward in a direct attack on the platform. Make sure you jump when he's about to hit - the impact will stun Sonic or Blaze, making a counterattack impossible. The bird then pummels the area right in front of it with its beak - jump on its head when its neck is lowered to deal a point of damage.
  3. Other attacks see the bird land right on top of the platform, taking giant hops into the air to come crashing back down on the character's position. Move out of the way as he descends, then quickly change direction with a jump to land a hit.
  4. The final attack sees the machine again perch on the edge of the platform, but now he turns his twin heli-blades on you at full force to attempt to buffet you off the edge. Rapidly tap A and B to resist the winds.

After 8 hits, the Egg Eagle blows up. Sonic's story sees him continue on to find Amy, who (after Tails calms her down from the revelation that Sonic is chasing girls - in the form of Blaze) points them in the direction where the cat and Cream just went. Onward to Dead Line!


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